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英国论文代写范文精选-A thesis on the House of Tudor

2016-05-20 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:更多范文

51Due英国论文代写网精选thesis代写范文:“A thesis on the House of Tudor”,这篇文章主要介绍了英国君主专制历史上的都铎王朝,还有作者对这部分历史表达的自己的看法。都铎王朝时期,封建生产关系与生产力发展的崩溃。传统的军事组织失去了经济基础。当时,英国有了军事革命,战争增加了军事开支。在战争的压力下,都铎王朝的君主需要一方面议会对税收批准,从而增加君主的财富,同时也加强了对议会的控制;另一方面,通过没收修道院财产,使都铎王朝摆脱了教会的政治绑定。都铎王朝的君主以战争为借口,增加通过世俗领域和精神领域的权威增加收入,并加强王位。

During the Tudor Dynasty, the feudal production relation collapsed with the development of productive forces. Traditional military organization lost its economic basis. At that time, England had a military revolution, and the war increased military expenditure. Under the pressure of war, the Tudor monarchy required the parliamentary approval of taxes on the one hand, resulting in increased monarchy wealth, but also strengthening the control of the Parliament; on the other hand, through the confiscation of monastic property, the Tudors got rid of the political bindings of the church. The Tudor monarchy took war as an excuse, increased authority in the secular and spiritual fields by increasing revenue, and finally strengthened the throne. The year 1485 is commonly accepted today as the beginning of a new historical era. English children are commonly today that the Middle Ages ended in 1485, when the Wars of the Roses were over and the house of Tudor ascended the throne in the person of King Henry VII .The Tudor family ruled English from 1485 to 1603.It was notable state with an efficient centralized government. The Tudor Monarchy, being in the transitional stage form feudalism to capitalism, witnessed many important political, economic and social changes. It reformed church in English and tolerated enclosures. It was during the Tudor Monarchy that America was discovered and the Renaissance spread into English. The Tudor also stimulated English commercial and maritime enterprise, under them English rose commercial and maritime enterprise, under them England rose to one of its highest points of power and influence. Through the ages, the Church in Europe gathered wealth and power that attracted the jealousy of king. The rules of English, safe in their island, used the Church of the middle Ages had not a religious body, but a political and legal power. Its doctrine dominated man’s thinking in Europe and politically the pope’s interference in their national affairs, but they did nothing to weaken his rule in Rome. The reform of the political reason, The Church of the middle Ages had not been only a religious body, but also a political and legal power. Its doctrine dominated man’s thinking in Europe and politically the Church was almost an upper-state organization. The reform of religious reasons that everyone in Europe was required to belong to the same church. Anyone who held ideas different from the doctrine preached by the church would be labeled a pagan or heretic. A pagan would be put to death by the government or burnt to death by the church itself, for the church forbad bloodshed. Reform the economic reason that the church was very rich and controlled large tracts of land granted by kings or barons who want to buy open the gate to Heaven. The church enjoyed a regular tax, the title, one-tenth of the farm produce. The Pope could also raise money by selling indulgences and church posts.The Tudor period in England two things happened: a Protestant after a violent struggle to replace the Catholic religion,away from the old prison; two is the British left Shanghai on outspread road.The two things opened the British Empire step towards. Henry VIII's reform stressed the power of the monarch and certainly strengthened Henry's position; Parliament had never done such a long and important piece of work before, its importance grew as a result.His attack on the Pope's power encouraged many critics of abuses of the Catholic Church. England was moving away form Catholicism towards Protestantism. At the beginning of Tudor House, there was the Enclosure held in Britain. In the end of the 15th century the manufacture woolen cloth in England became an important source of wealth and a major export. The cloth industry increased the value of wool. Raising sheep became more profitable. This encouraged the landlords to covert arable land the omens into pastures. Later some of the nobility and merchants started to enclose the land. Large areas of land were fenced without any warning to the peasants. This process was known as Enclosure Movement.  The Enclosure Movement made the essential condition for the capitalism. It made the bourgeoisie got the primitive capital accumulation. And more and more peasants without land have laid the foundation for the labor power for the capitalism. At the same time, the Tudor House put forward the mercantilism. With the help of The Enclosure Movement, the labor and the slave had regarded as a sort of commodities for the merchants to get the currency accumulation.Thus, the Tudor House had acquired the two basic qualifications for the capitalism.
The Tudors family members for all Dynasties make tremendous contribution. The Tudors founder Henry VII with the York family heiress Princess Elizabeth married. He political an overtone of this marriage is quite strong is to reduce the hostile forces to obtain the throne for the purpose. In order to retain his crown, he took a series reforms In order to secure his position at home, Henry VII was anxious to have friendly relations with foreign countries. I think that the founder of the Tudor dynasty, passed a law to improve people’s incomes, Tudor nurture, encourage the development of woolen manufacturing, export of woolen cloth in exchange for currency. Great efforts to develop overseas business, to encourage the development of the shipbuilding industry. The dynasty to promote Britain to the world..In history, we never had a royal dynasty having so many gossips like the Tudor dynasty. First, I would like to say something about Henry VIII; Henry VIII was a significant figure in the history of the English monarchy. He is popularly known for his role in the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. Henry was an attractive and charismatic man in his prime, educated and accomplished. He was provided with an excellent education, becoming fluent in French, Latin, and Spanish. The earliest glimpse we have of Henry comes from the pen of Erasmus, the great humanist scholar, who visited the nine year old Prince at the Palace of Eltham with Thomas More .He was provided with an excellent education, becoming fluent in French, Latin, and Spanish. The earliest glimpse we have of Henry comes from the pen of Erasmus, the great humanist scholar. It is important for knowledge to British develop. Secondly, I want to say is Britain's youngest king. He is Edward VI. He is the smallest, but also in the shortest time a king. Although Edward VI reign a very short time,but his influence on modern Britain. Edward VI is worth us to praise. Then, we will be introducing Lady Jane Grey. A Queen of England, We have to recognize his bravery. Last, about Elizabeth I. When she came to the throne not only successfully maintained the unity of England, and after nearly half a century of domination. During this period reached a peak, England to become one of the most powerful countries in Europe. She made a great contribution for the British. England rulers, the Tudor dynasty founder of the Golden Age. As Queen, she had defeated Spain’s all-powerful Armada, the British Empire is the legendary founder of the Sea, the English Reformation in calm and a firm advocate of national unity and executor, as the woman that she gives up the joy of the flesh and become a complete well-being of women. 
In short, The Tudor Monarchy was full of tremendous changes. All these changes were favorable to the development of capitalism, and through the changes the bourgeoisie was becoming mature politically. The day when the England bourgeoisie would take over political power was not far off. From humble beginnings in the service of the princes of Gwyneth, the Tudor family rose steadily to royal stock. Throughout the dynasty, each for the King has made a lot of contributions.



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