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英国论文代写范文精选-About Cannes Film Festival

2016-06-28 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:更多范文

51Due英国论文代写网精选assignment代写范文:“About Cannes Film Festival”,这篇论文讨论了关于夏纳电影节。戛纳电影节是世界上最大、最重要的电影节, 1939年起源于法国。戛纳电影节不仅是从事电影行业人员聚集的理想场所,也是一个给艺术家发挥天赋的舞台。戛纳电影节提供了一个独特的国际平台,确保演出的电影,让电影发展起来,成为全世界的潮流。

Festival De Cannes is one of the world’s largest and most important film festival, which was started from French in 1939. In 1939, in order to fight with the Venice International Film Festival controlled by the Italian fascist regime, decided to set up its own International Film Festival. However, the preparatory work had to halt, because of the outbreak of World War II.

After the war, it held the first film festival on September 20, 1946 in tourist resort of Cannes, southern France. Since its inception, it is held every year, which can last for two weeks, except the years of 1948, 1950 and 1968. Originally, it was held in September each year. Since 1951, in order to earlier than the Venice International Film Festival, it changes to be held in May. In 1956, the highest award is the "Golden Duck Award".

Since 1957, it has changed into the "Palme d'Or”, which was awarded to the best feature film, documentaries, educational films, cartoons and other. In addition, those years, it has issued to love psychological movies, adventure detective movies, music movies, biography films, entertainment films, debut, director, actors and actresses, script writing, photography, editing, etc. This report will mainly focus on the instruction of Festival De Cannes. In this report, it will firstly introduce the history of the event, classification of the event and it’s characteristics.

Then, the four impacts that the event has on the society will be discussed, including socio-cultural impacts, tourism & economic impacts, political impacts, developmental and environmental impacts. In order to make a clear instruction of the event, the relative news and information will be searched, which can be obtained from the internet, newspapers and magazines.

Through searching for the previous information, it can introduce the history of the event and provide related examples to prove their different impacts. Festival De Cannes is one of the most influential international film festival. Along with Germany's Berlin Film Festival, Venice Film Festival in Italy, and Canada's Toronto International Film Festival, and the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary Film Festival, they are collectively known as the top five film festivals in the world.

In addition, the Berlin International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, as well as Russia Moscow International Film Festival, they are known as the world's four major art Film Festival. Cannes Film Festival is not only an ideal place for film industry practitioners to get gather, but also pays great attention to promote the development of the artists’ talents.

After a few years, the Cannes Film Festival is famous for its balance between the standard of the art in the film and commercial impact. It not only provides a unique international platform to ensure show films, but also maintains to offer film products for a broad audience. At the same time, it also reveal and reflect the developments and trends of world cinema. While on the other side, it also caused some negative impacts.

Some people would like to be famous to attend the festival. However, the noise of the Cannes Film Festival is not the cheers from people’s heart; it is the efforts of the media to create the results. There is another comment on the Cannes Film Festival, "the sky was raining, bare-chested porn stars seems to be some cold, but I saw the movie only boast."

Writers and critics do not have reported those comments. From the perspective of collecting news, they misappropriation or "meticulously fabricated" the atmosphere and anecdotes to please their editor and movie insiders. For example, in 1996, the large U.S. companies only has one work of Warner in the 22 official competition, which is "Chasing the Sun" directed by Michael Cimino's, but was on hiatus. In fact, the Coen brothers’ "FaErge” won best director. Robert Altman's" Kansas City" and other participating film were directed by the French and British companies.

David O. Russell's "flirting with disaster ", were produced by Miramax, and Spike Lee's "6th Girl" produced by Searchlight. While during the festival screenings, they have not been participating. U.S. producer do not want to see their film videos lose to other countries. Particularly, they do not want to incur a lot of negative comments before the film screened to the domestic audience who relatively obedient and get enough profit.

Cimino and the Altman whose two films are to be released film in the Cannes Film Festival, is also the European favorite two directors. They expected to get a better response. The other three films have already been the end of the release in the United States. After the success publication of “flirting with disaster ", this international film festival has become particularly feeble. Due to the sea, the sex and the sun, Cannes Film Festival has been called 3S Film Festival.

During an annual event, there will be many beautiful women gathered in the shadow sector on the famous promenade and the nearby beach, they are looking forward to the biggest names in the scouts, as they excavate a circle their star dream. Cannes is famous for the International Film Festival held in May each year. When people came to Cannes, you will understand why this small town can organize an international event. Cannes is a summer resort in France, near Nice in southern France, Harbour City.

Rivera Gulf locks up a few small towns. Cannes is a recreation area, which has 5 km long sandy beach. The flower is flowering all the year. It is famous as the tourist resort of the Cote d'Azur and Nice par. Since Cannes Film Festival founded in 1947, Cannes has been a gradual shift from a coastal town into the world's one of the largest cities to attract business groups and individual tourists. Cannes Film Festival each year attract at least 60,000 film industry professionals and 200 000 visitors. Within 11 days, it can create a direct economic value of € 200 million, the indirect economic value up to 700 million.




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