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英国论文代写范文精选-About the earthquake

2016-06-28 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:更多范文

51Due英国论文代写网精选assignment代写范文:“About the earthquake”,这篇论文讨论了关于地震的事情。地震分为天然地震和人工地震两大类。天然地震构造地震,它是地下深处岩石破裂,长期积累的能量迅速释放,以地震波的形式向四面八方传播出去,造成的大地震动。构造地震占地震的90%以上。其次是火山喷发引起的地震称为火山地震,约占地震总数的7%。此外,某些特殊情况下也会产生地震,如岩洞崩塌,大量陨石撞击地面。人工地震是由人类活动引起的地震。如工业爆破,造成地下核爆炸的振动。

Simply put, the main reasons are: the earth quake of each plate between the mutual extrusions. Another volcano eruption caused by. The earthquake is divided into natural earthquake and artificial earthquake two categories. Natural earthquake tectonic earthquake mainly, it is the result of deep underground rock fracture, dislocation of the long-term accumulated energy is released quickly, in the form of seismic wave to spread out from all sides, to the ground caused by the real earth quakes. Tectonic earthquake accounted for more than 90% of the total earthquake.

This is followed by a volcano eruption caused by earthquake, known as the volcano earthquake, accounting for about 7% of the total number of earthquakes. In addition, some special cases can generate earthquakes, such as caves collapse, a large meteorite impact ground. The artificial earthquake is caused by human activities in the earthquake.

Such as industrial blasting, the vibration caused by underground nuclear explosions; in deep water in high pressure water and the large increase of crustal stress, sometimes induced earthquake. The place is called seismic waves, seismic source. Focus on the ground of the vertical projection, called the epicenter.

The epicenter to the focal depth is called the focal depth. Usually the focal depth of less than 70 km depth is shallow source earthquake, at 70-300 km is a seismic source, at depths greater than 300kilometers is called deep earthquakes. Destructive earthquakes are generally shallow earthquake. Such as the 1976 Tangshan earthquake focal depth of 12km. The mantle convection. Is from the earth's internal decay of radioactive elements produced by the power that drives.

Earth energy release external performance. Internal energy releases are mainly about a form: earthquake, volcano, plate tectonics, and geological structure. Earthquake is one of them. In the earth's interior are source, source outward to release energy can cause a range of vibration. Other geological disaster or natural disaster, can also indirectly induced earthquake. The mantle convection. Is from the earth's internal decay of radioactive elements produced by the power that drives. Earth energy release external performance. Internal energy releases are mainly about a form: earthquake, volcano, plate tectonics, and geological structure. Earthquake is one of them.

On the afternoon of May 12, 20082, Sichuan Province, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. The earthquake caused heavy casualties, there are nearly a million deaths, tens of thousands of people at all, countless houses collapsed. In the face of the sudden earthquake, so many and we are students going to school because the school collapsed while being. Because of this the merciless earthquake, claimed the precious life, they would like us to love learning, across the ocean of life, as of a beautiful dream full of fantasy, the world is full of curiosity, they had some clever child, and is now buried in the rubble, was destroyed in an earthquake all.

It was time to go to school, so many of the dead are students. The relief workers came to the collapsed ruins site, here, the sky was coated with a thick layer of color, gray. Among the rubble indistinct a one or two call, to awaken the Chinese people's consciousness, affects the hearts of the Chinese people. Each save a life, we are so excited, what a joy. But everywhere is the collapse of the housing, the rain is falling from sky, this makes the rescue work more arduous, and the remnants of the aftershocks housing having once again in danger of collapse, extended the rescue time.

But they did not give up, regardless of one hour, two hours, several hours, ten hours ... ... They are continuing the search for trapped in the rubble of the people, because they only one conviction in mind, is to try to rescue the trapped people, they are a living life. Life is not measured by money, because life is no child, grief, sad, wants to cry to. Even if only 1% of hope, we must make the effort of 100%. Premier Wen Jiabao to Sichuan earthquake disaster area, be buried in the primary school next to the ruins, he in a hoarse, choked words, to the ruins of the children propaganda.

The first failed rescue, Prime Minister climbed on the rain rubble, once again organized the rescue, due to falling, Prime Minister's injured arm is bleeding, but adhere to the medical staff open, also continue to climb into the collapse point to help. He saw is waiting for the rescue of two children under the ruins, moved to tears. He said:" the house cracked, collapsed, we can no longer repair. As long as people, we will be able to tide over the difficulties, overcome this major natural disaster." Yes, house collapse does not matter, as long as the living, there is hope.

Life is priceless, so long as the save more lives, we will have more hope. We want to work together in harmony with the people of disaster area together through this time. Overcome a disaster, even how hard we are not afraid, because our solidarity, common face. Strong earthquake damage so large, to show once again brought out. In the vicinity of the epicenter, and in some cities and villages, many houses collapsed and damaged roads, telecommunications disruption, many schools and hospitals have become ruins. Human vibrant homes, Zhuanshun between appalling. This is a natural disaster caused by difficult to avoid the tragedy, it is sad. And this kind of tragedy, and in fact the long history of human companions, Ruyingsuixing.

Far not said that the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, despite the past 32 years but has remained a matter of fear. In 1998 the major flood disaster in 2003, the "atypical pneumonia" crisis, the end of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the recent tropical storm in Myanmar, have caused a large number of casualties and property losses. Human nature is no stranger to disaster, but when Wenchuan earthquake and the plain reality of the time, the natural power of human beings before the fragile, exposed completely.




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