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Understanding the Debate about Horror Comics--英国论文代写范文精选

2015-12-26 | 来源:51Due教员组 | 类别:更多范文

51due英国论文代写网精选代写范文:  “Understanding the Debate about Horror Comics”,这篇论文主要表达了因为反主流文化的影响,自第二十世纪50年代美国出现了恐怖漫画。它的存在与嬉皮士的特点和经常带有个人情感和反主流文化为主题,通过非正规渠道流通传播。

With the new left student movement, the black movement and women's movement, the so-called silent generation since 1950 has replaced by the protested generation. With the growth of social protest especially youth protests embraced, in the counterculture in America, a new force suddenly rises and then become fashionable for a time (Atkinson, 1987). Because of the counterculture influence, since twentieth Century 50's USA has appeared Horror Comics. It exists with hippie characteristics and often with personal emotion and anti- mainstream culture as the theme, through informal channels circulation propagation (Bombeck, 1978). Society, its content mainly focus on the mainstream comic deliberately avoided involve sex, violence, drugs, rock and roll and sensitive issues.
The expression of most vogues, experimental and avant-garde is very obvious. Therefore, this Horror Comics is unsuitable for children, the main face of the new stylish young people. In 1945, many companies began to explore the marvel fun animal theme, and the introduction of professional female comic "Millie model"; in 1948 and opened up the "two gun kid" and other types of periodicals in western, horror comics, and even into the "Sun girl" (Sun Girl), "the phantom blonde" (http://www.51due.net/writing/The Blonde Phantom) and "finding people" by-product "Namora"(Namora) and other recession super heroes; in 1945 the Archie comic company launched a humorous girl theme comic "Katie Kean"; 1947 Simon Kirby and launched the Youth Theme comic "young romantic story" and "my date" and so on, these journals serial comics in different degrees with some success (Matthaei, 1982).
From the Susan and the Devil, we can find some society problems, there are:
The first one, with the change of social status and economic development, female crime presents a rapid rising. In the United States, from 1932 to 1970, the feminine crime has risen to 15.3% and the total number of female crime in the crime rate has kept between the 22%-24%. From the Psychological factors analysis about the American humanistic psychologist Maslow's theory of hierarchy of needs to the needs of people can be divided into five levels, the need to lower level meet later can produce high levels of need. However, the structure of the need criminal tendencies of the female is deformed, they often need individual low level in the first place, and refused to accept social category’s regulate and control. When a person needs to the free development and the expansion, and cannot satisfy the social norms which allow the ways or means to meet, they will take improper means or resulting in crime. Psychologists believe that mostly women psychological exists disorder, their personality are easily paranoia, selfish, narrow-minded, lack of correct understanding and judgment of existence in the social reality of the phenomenon, the lack of social responsibility, lack of trust in others, when faced with conflicts, often take extreme crime.
The second one is Gender discrimination. Along with the education level enhancement, more and more women are gradually changing from traditional to modern and started to increase on the cause of the investment, hoping to break a piece of heaven and earth. But in reality, many women in their education, employment and jobs are subject to different degrees of discrimination. The gap between personal expectations and social identity makes women suffered a setback in the psychological sense. In their community or setbacks in the family, it is easy to produce pessimistic, hatred, against other bad emotion, and their frustration is stronger, the bad mood is also increased. When accumulated to a certain extent, it will walk on the path of crime. In recent years, extramarital affair is more and more widespread, marriage has become increasingly unstable. In the real emotion and marriage, women once experienced hit such as betrayed, they are more likely with emotion and impulse crime than men.
The third one: the wrong values. Affected by the official standard, the supremacy of money such as utilitarianism, some women are values deviate and appeared unearned enjoy view or thought decadent and to covet material comforts. Moreover, as women age increase, female acquisitiveness is high and the requirements are increasingly at the high standards, they have the very strong vanity and jealousy. Once they cannot use improper means to obtain money squandered, it will not hesitate to take risks and then to embark on the road of crime. Through the survey, we found that women in general and property related crime such as theft, fraud, and their behavior means are repeated. They can be desperate for money, and someone even hope that through selling her body and other illegal means to meet the material enjoyment. The error values are starting from the individualism, it plays an important role in many factors of individual crime.
There are some objects can issue 50s American life:
1. The Three Faces of Eve, 1957-09-23
The plot is introduced:
A deeply troubled southern America housewives -- Eve, she endured headaches, depression, forgetfulness and other pathologies that plague. So she sought the psychiatrist's help, began a doctor just give her the standard advice, but as the disease progresses, Dr. Luther uses hypnosis therapy, found Eve with a multiple personality disease, in addition to the day of appearance, and independent sophistication and lascivious woman hiding people, and then launched a fascinating story.
2. Killer's Kiss, 1955-10-01
The plot is introduced:
The boxer David Korten lived alone in a shabby apartment rental room, opposite the window there lived a beautiful dancer lattice Lorelei, and David became attracted to. One night David played back, suddenly found that lattice Lorelei was about to be raped, he rushed in and rescue the sweet heart. The original violence is lattice Lorelei where nightclub owner, in order to make a living have to bite the bullet. Two frust rated people friendship consistency, hence agreed to leave the sad, find their happiness. David went out to raise travelling expenses, and nightclub owner flew into a rage at that lattice Lorelei outgoing message, sent thugs kidnapped her.
3. Some Like It Hot, 1959-03-29
In unrest Chicago, it has often been bandit group harassment. John and ben are the orchestra members, two people killed in the garage injective accidentally see telltale bandits Spock's men who is pursued. Under cornered, they join dresser a women's orchestra, and with the mission to Miami. A named Xiu Jia abnormal beautiful sexy girl in the group, Joe knew she wanted to catch a rich man, and incarnate the oil king's son attempted to get her heart; on the other side, Jerry also has a special liking to show and sentiment, but he did get a bit do not know he is a man of rich not entangled fault. Soon, Joe Jie Li also met Spock a group, had to flee again.
4. Sunset Blvd, 1950-08-10
An has been actor Norma has nearly 50 years old, once young is she lives ruined mansion slowly fade, only around friends Marx to serve. She didn't give up rekindle dreams of glory, "Salome" is to write the script, and fled to escape debt decline writers Joe here, it is the best candidate for this job. Norma took him to stay, he provides a comfortable environment for writing, and slowly fall in love with him. But Joe does not accept the youth woman. He refused her, and turned around and another beautiful women planning a new script, they fell in love.
Norma learned that Joe's "betrayal", she implored him to humble, but not his lopsided heart, Norma finally raised his gun at leaving joe.
5. Giant, 1956-11-24
Good-natured Personality Dezhou rancher from Eastern married the beautiful Ellizabeth Taylor. James Dean is a stubborn personality attraction, but gradually crushes on the hostess. Later he was given a piece of wasteland reclamation unexpectedly for itself, dig out the oil become fabulously wealthy oil barons. Until the growth of the next generation, he and Luo gram family still become entangled in, because he could not make up the inner emptiness with money.
6. Marty, 1955-04-11
Plain middle-aged Marty the butcher, in a female teachers encounter weekend party personality sensitive, because she was a friend dumped are frustrated, Marty to keep her spirits up. Two people in love the way differences across class and learning, fall in love. The famous screenwriter paddy.C successfully broke through the traditional beauty of romance, write two ordinary people the longing for love, the true nature of dialogue.
From the above six movies, we can find that during the 50's, America suffered the biggest challenge, "comic harmful theory" became popular, and psychologist Frederic Wertham claimed that the comic leads to crime, on the comic industry launched a comprehensive exterminating the action. Because of America comics originally always conservative, not on the scale too much real blame, many companies focus their eyes on the role of "private life" (Robinson, 1977). For example: Wonder Woman is a lesbian, in some creators’ eyes, although she had a boyfriend in the story, he finds her role is "anti-male"; similarly, he believes that Batman is anti-women, because one of the most beautiful women is a bad woman.
Since the 50's the material wealth of society of great prosperity and abundance, people in material life has been satisfied, then began to pay more attention to their own social status, especially the political status. People dare not directly express their dissatisfaction, but in the heart of panic and confusion and had to find a way to vent out, so this period of youth has become the vanguard of the times, they are opposed to the traditional ethics, advocating sexual liberation. Oppose the old morals, advocating the supremacy of money. Against the existing culture, carry out cultural movement. Because the people of this period lost faith, the emergence of belief crisis mental, lost its course in life, then a series of social problems come one after another.
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