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The main purpose of this report is to explain the concept of co-opetition as a strategic method. This report chooses 2 Chinese video websites, Youku and Tudou, as the example to make the explanation of co-opetition.

Brandenburger Adam M and Nalebuff Barry J are the most important people to study the strategic theory—co-opetition. This theory combines creating and gaining value together.

Youku and Tudou are the most important and the biggest video websites in China. They almost take all the market share of video on the China’s Internet. They are also the strongest rivals to each other. Just on 11th March, 2012, they declared to merge together, which created a great shake.

In the current market, the important issue for business is how to make the pie bigger, but not how to compete for the fixed-size pie with your competitors.

So first we need to know is who the participants in this game are. There are five elements in the Value-Net—customers, firm, suppliers, competitors and complementors. Except complementors, the other four elements are common in traditional business models. From the customer’s point of view, complementors provide products or services which adds the value to your company’s. You can use complementors to make your products or services more valuable. What’s more, your complementors’ ideas should keep pace with development of information economy.

When customers use another product or service, if it makes the customers gain better evaluation, it is your complementor; Vice versa, it is your competitor. Now make Youku and Tudou as the example. The orientations of these two companies are different—Youku is net television, while Tudou is media group. From their slogans we can know their missions. Youku—“The whole world is watching”, which means Youku needs audience. Tudou—“Everyone is the director of your life”, which means Tudou needs creator. So they are competitors. We can use search engines to get them easily, like Baidu or Google, so Baidu or Google is the complementor of Youku or Todou.

Winner always breaks the rules. Co-opetition just proves this and teaches people how to change the game, which is called “PARTS”—players, added value, rules of the game, tactics employed, and scope of the game.

You create this game and you are the controller. You can change the mix of competitors or complementors. Like Youku and Tudou, they change each other’s role form competitor to complementor to save more resource and conquer bigger market. You can change the added value of various players, including competitors and complementors. In business, you can negotiate the rules with the players to make them more advantageous to you. Tactics shape the players’ perception. By changing these, you can change the outcome of the game. Another thing you should do is to know how other games influence yours. After that use them to improve your own competitive power and win this game. 

After merging, Youku and Todou become the YoukuToudou Inc. This is China’s biggest merge case in Internet market. This win-win strategy combines the power and strength to increase the brand value, and takes above 80% of the market share of China’s net video market.

 By the theory of co-opetition, YoukuTudou start the net-video industry reshuffle.
For the enterprise provides a into a variety of products market potential pathways (ductile);The end user of value for customers (useful).Does the company have excellent performance or the advantage of the long term stability, eventually god, by the enterprise customers to judge.All competition in the final analysis is the use of to better meet customer demand, must make the products have received the practical value of the customer;Not easily imitated by competitors (unique).

Generally speaking, the core competitiveness of the enterprise has the high barriers to entry for competitors, the ratio of core competitive ability structure of intelligent component, the greater the enterprise with its core competence and can be obtained more long-term competitive advantage;Additive.The superposition of two or more of the core competence is, might be born into a new kind of core competence, and the new core competence is more than the original often several simple addition of core competence, this is similar to the economics of scope economy and resonance of the nature of physics.

Enterprise's core business is to bring the biggest benefit, a dominant business enterprise in the industry.In determining the enterprise's core business before, please ask yourself some questions: 1. The enterprise is how to grow up?2. The core business?3. What is the core of the performance in the past?4. What is the core business of today?5. What is the core business of tomorrow?

Many of China's enterprises are in such a myth, is to see what product profit work engaged in the production of this product, so today do diet, sell cement tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and real estate, the enterprise did not core business as a result, can't afford to market risk.

Core competitiveness, also called "core (competition) ability", "the core competitive advantage", according to the definition of prahalad and hamel, "the core competitiveness of an organization accumulating knowledge, especially about how to coordinate different production skills and organic combination of a variety of technical flow of knowledge."

Differentiation competition competition and no difference on the contrary, is refers to the enterprise does not rely on price, but the other way, ingenious methods to win.Such as haier, haier group mainly differentiated competition, the success of the big price war in other enterprises, haier is emphasized.Have an old lady bought haier air conditioning, delivery people are using the timing of delivery give stole the air conditioner, air conditioning units have been sold, according to China's practice, the goods out of the door, shall not be liable for any, haier does not need to take responsibility, but the old lady a air conditioning, haier active compensation special messenger sent to, and thus led to a "no handling movement", namely customer buy haier products, haier active delivery.Haier's TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and other product quality may be not the best, but it's service innovation consciousness, spirit of differentiation is the best, customer buy haier products is value this.
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