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(IMC全称整合营销沟通战略业务)整合营销沟通战略业务用于计划、开发、执行和评估协调、衡量、建立品牌与客户的交流,(发展)客户,预见产品前景,(管理)员工和客户关系,定位其他相关的内部和外部受众目标(Don E.Schultz,2004)。这样的营销方法使用各种形式的促销来传达一致的消息,实现通信的最大影响。它需要公司与利益相关者以更有效的方式进行沟通。通过运用这种方法把其作为正在进行的战略,而不是把它只是作为各种交流活动的一种战术整合,这样的话协同效应才可能会实现。

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The success of the Coopers Brewery Ltd
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The success of the Coopers Brewery Ltd
As a company which have survived for more than one hundred years, the holding on to the family nature of the firm and the premium nature of the products is vital for such a miracle. The success of the Coopers relys on the wonderful utilization of IMC(integrated marketing communications). Through this marketing approach, a consistent message about the charateristics can be passed to customers by all promotions tools,such as mass media advertising and publicity. Study the Coopers case we can find the reason why it can succeed in the changeable commercial environment and provide implications to the other company that face the same problems.
1.the role of IMC in Coopers Brewery's overall marketing strategy
1.1. The definition of IMC& marketing strategy
Don Schultz of Northwestern University has defined the IMC as follows :
Integrated marketing communication is strategic business used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communications programs over time with consumers,customers, prospects,employees,associates and other targeted relevant external and internal audiences.(Don E.Schultz,2004)
Such marketing approach use all forms of promotion to convey a consistent message and achieve maximum communication impact. It requires company to communicate with all stakeholders in a more effective and efficient way. By applying such method as ongoing strategic business process rather than take it just as a tactical integration of various communication activities, the synergy effect may be realized.
Marketing strategy is the decision being made about how to plan and coordinate the limited resources, when employing the marketing mix elements, to achieve a desired result in the markets served. ( Kotler, Adam, Denize & Armstrong, 2008)
1.2. The role IMC played in the marketing strategy
The primary role of IMC in marketing strategy can be taken as promotion to customers and the trade to build and maintain brand and image. As brand expert Kevin Keller suggested,"building and properly managing brand equity has become a priority for companies of all sizes, in all types of industries, in all types of markets." (Kevin Lane Keller,2000) As the building and sustaining of brand equity is essential to the survive of company, the applying of IMC is to achieve well awareness, knowledge and good image of brand in a more effective and efficient way. The coordination and integration of all promotion tools may help all departments to focus on the same goal and act in the same direction to inform clear and consist emssages to customers and achieve an overall synergy effect.(51Due责任编辑:BUG)

1.3. Case analysis
By advertising on a wide range of media,including television, radio and megazines, the Coopers generates a large awareness of their brand among customers and convey the unique nature of products.
The public relationship may help the Coopers to win a healthy and positive image among the public.The excellent product nature may be transimited by the word-of-mouth by the "Coopers Lager Ambassador ".
The interactive marketing can also be seen in the Coopers marketing strategy. The establishment of Coopers Club may do a lot in the achievement of brand loyalty. Take the staff and customers as family members may improve their belonging of brand and maintain a long profitable relationship. The set up of museum may contribute in both brand awareness and loyalty enhancement.
The direct marketing may offer customers a customized products, such as a special packing or taste. Coopers used the direct marketing when it opened a bar at Adelaide Airport and has ‘Alehouse’ as well as ‘ General store’ which retails Coopers merchandise.
The overall marketing strategy is to provide the public the unique nature of the product and the family concept. All the 4 promotional mix mentioned before have worked in different aspect to gain awareness, knowledge and loyablty among custoemrs. The well brand equity goal is realized by the integration of all communication tools.
2.Forms of promotion used by Coopers and consistent communication message
Forms of promotion are advertising, direct marketing, internet marketing and public relationgship.
Advertising is referred to any paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organisation, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor.( Bovee & Arens, 1992 ) For the Coopers, they advertise on mass media including television, radio, biilbords and print. By control the message passed to the audiences, the ad can reach a large range of audiences in a cost effective way. To the new customers in t Adelaide Airport, ad is effective to create brand images and symbolic appeals. To the old customers, the responsive chord may be realised. But the Coopers may also face the problem of ad's credibility for the abuse use of it.
In order to gain customer loyalty for brand, the Coopers use public relationship agency to promote relationship by event management and sponsorship. To the perspective of the Coopers, it is how to optimize the result of the action and saying that will help to gain the trust of customers to the company. Two family members who are also administrative staff working as the spokeman of the Coopers. The sponsorship of "Coopers Lager Ambessador " may establish positive image among customers. The establishment of museum show people its products, history, subculture and activities in a more persuasive way. However, the disadvantage is the outcome may be out of the control of he marketers and may be negative.(51Due责任编辑:BUG)

When refer to The Coopers Club, it can be viewed as a use of interactive marketing. Through the activity operated by the Coopers, people can get the information about the access to the club nights and discount products in real time. Different from the traditional mass media marketing, there is a two-way flow of information among the Coopers and customers. The customers and employees are treated as a extended family member, the brand loyalty can be gained by such certain amount of "ownership". The museum can affect the interaction with the general public in a broader way. The problem is the measuremnt of effectiveness is difficult and make the futuere uncertain.
Directing marketing is mentioned in the Coopers promotion. To people who become members of the club, they will receive a discount price on certain product. An additional incentive is sent to customers to enlarge the sales volume. The direct marketing is applied when the Coopers opened a bar at Adelaide Airport, a spicific and selective tourism marketing is targeted. As the member discount market and airport tourism market are relatively small, the control is easier.
An overall message is transimiter by all means of promotion: the unique product nature and the long history family concept. We can viewed it as a campain theme." A campaign them should be a strong idea, as it is the central message that will be communicated in all the advertising and other promotional activities."( Belch & Belch, 2009)Under China's current economic system, the certified public accountants is the bridge connecting the government and enterprises, between the owner and operator of the bond, independent of government and enterprise, and not to profit for the first goal, has the legal and social functions of the third person. It bears a shape the microscopic main body of market economy on the one hand, the important task of regulating business activities; On the other hand it is national macroeconomic regulation and control of social and economic specific practitioner. Due to social and economic resources and the scarcity of the microscopic main business activities of profit-driven, countries always through legislation and government fiscal policy, monetary policy, income policy, human, and a series of administrative rules and regulations to implement the regulation on the economy, and the basic functions of the public accounting firm is on the basis of these laws, regulations and policies, the microscopic main body of market behavior and operating results are standard adjustment, so that the country will achieved in social economic activities, the "rule of law" to "rule of law", "lawfully" into "the rule of law", the business activities of the enterprise into the orbit of the rule of law, finally to make full use of social resources and optimize configuration. Therefore, the accounting agency plays an important role in national economic and political life, plays an irreplaceable role.  (51Due责任编辑:BUG)
A, supervisors of social economic activities. 
The developed countries in the world, the accounting agency was vividly metaphor as "economic police". In 1997, since all the year-end financial statements of state-owned enterprises by the certified public accountants audit, in the field of microeconomics, the activity space of the public accounting firm to expand, strengthened monitoring role. Foreign invested enterprises, joint-stock company, limited liability company, a wholly state-owned company, the operating results of listed companies, must be approved by the certified public accountants, to take effect in law, the relevant government departments and investors also can accordingly to the enterprise management and decision-making; All legal person enterprises and economic entities of capital, must be verified by certified public accountants after check, the ministry of commerce and industry to approve it. In the field of macroeconomic, certified public accountants may, by special supervision of the government's specific needs, such as whether fiscal income classes divided by the regulation, check whether tax in accordance with the law, against the illegal fund-raising case in recent years, economic fraud to clean recourse, non-budgetary funds for relevant departments and the national construction funds allocated to the production of usage to conduct verification and so on. The country's macro-control policies and measures of the economy to implement, make certified public accountants to become active in the Chinese economy on the stage of an important social supervision power. 
Second, the evaluators of enterprise operation and management behavior. 
Certified public accountant, an independent audit of enterprises, the first to comply with the system of the enterprise is conformance test, and evaluate the enterprise's internal control system. On the one hand, to the enterprise internal control system whether comment adhere to the principle of consistency; On the other hand, judge whether the financial statements of the enterprise in all major aspects of the fair to reflect the enterprise's financial position, operating results and cash movements. To determine the scope of the audit sampling, sample quantity and audit the point. Certified public accountant in the audit stage, is essentially to the business activities of enterprises based on the internal control system and implement management behavior to evaluate the legitimacy of the ruling, thus make the enterprise behavior get specification, and enters benign development path. Therefore, the certified public accountant in the international community called "economic" the referee. 
Three, auditors of enterprise financial position and economic results. 
Certified public accountants conformance test was carried out on the enterprise, to reflect the enterprise's financial position and operating results of information make substantive testing and evaluation. On the one hand, the quantity and quality of the assets and liabilities of the enterprise for inspection to verify, to determine the true scale of enterprises, the strength and financial status; On the other hand, the income of the enterprise cost confirm, legitimacy and authenticity of approved to corporate profits, to determine the tax payable. Especially when issuing shares of listed companies, securities management departments on the basis of certified public accountants audit verification of enterprise assets, profits, earnings per share, net asset per share, such as financial indicators, to determine whether to approve the listing of its issue. After the market operation, the investors on the basis of certified public accountants audit verification of enterprises operating results, determine investment increase or decrease and the distribution of the profits. Due to the certified public accountants audit verification of enterprise financial position and operating results has the force of law, therefore, in foreign accounting firms are referred to as "economic court". (51Due责任编辑:BUG)
Four, supporter of rights and interests of investors. 
The establishment of the modern enterprise system in China, the asset of the separation of ownership and management rights, between investors and operators in the formation of fiduciary relationship of economic responsibility, possess, use and control assets transferred to the operator, which requires the independent of the accounting firm objective and fair evaluation, confirm and reflect the operator performance, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors. In practice, to enterprises in accordance with the audit of certified public accountants audit conclusion directly affect the confidence of the shareholders, determines the rise and fall of the price of the stock, the company and the fate of the operator. Although the accounting firm's income comes from the audited enterprise, is determined by the operator, but it can the survival and development of the main subject to practice in accordance with the law. Facing investors and operators, and the conflict, accounting agency often choose objective and fair to reflect the real situation of the enterprise, and different opinion audit report issued according to the circumstance, be responsible for the state, enterprises and investors. Certified public accountants, therefore, often dubbed the "economic guard". 
Fifth, the leader of capital flows. 
In the capital market, accounting firms through disclosed to the public offering of the company's assets reorganization plan, raise funds use, expected benefits, such as information, to guide our orientation in foreign shareholder capital. In the circulation of shares, published by the listed company business performance, to guide the flow of capital. Between the enterprise in the field of direct investment, accounting firm of the joint venture, equity participation, holding, buying and other investment activities, through the assets evaluation and value determination, financial audit to regulate and guide. In the field of indirect investment, Banks and other creditors are by certified public accountants to the evaluation of borrower's credit and mortgage assets value assessment to make a decision. Today's accounting firms on capital flows has transition from indirectly lead to direct, "big five" financing agency business has developed rapidly, has shown the other intermediary organizations incomparable advantage. This suggests that the accounting firm, already broke through the traditional business function in expanding. Chinese certified public accountants should also ACTS as an information intermediary between capital providers and capital needs, the capital to advantage industry, make capital owners risk is minimized, realize the unity of the capital profitability and safety. 
3.The importance of target market
The resources controlled by companies is limited, so the efficient allocation of resources is required. Target marketing may be a useful way to resolve such problem. Targeting marketing is the second step in the development of marketing plan. Moreover, people with differient life style, education background and social classes may response differently to varied promotional tools.(51Due责任编辑:BUG)
When people want to identify the unfulfilled marketing needs, they would do market research or judge from the internal datebase and experience. To the Coopers, they make their judgement from the past operation experiences. First, there main customers are from the old people in the South Australia, who have a prefer on the traditional felling, their needs for the only one family brand is unfulfilled. Second, the needs in the Easten Australia and foreign market is boosting.
When the needs have been identified, market can be segmented into different parts based on varied people. Based on the judgement, the Coopers can divide the market into the traditional market in Southern Australia ,the new market in Eastern Australia and the other unrelated market.The future market share in these market will determine the success of the Coopers expasion.
While the external environment analysis has been completed, the reallocation of resources based on the internal company capacity is required. The selection of target market in which the firm will compete has direct implications for its advertising and promotional efforts. ( Belch & Belch ) To the old customers in the South Australia, the retaining of customers may be more effective. By offering differentiated products, such as the Coopers Club and museum, the brand loyalty can be maintained. In the Easten Australia, a need for the capacity expasion should be satisfied. Concentrated products can be the main form to satisfy the new customers in order to generate awareness.
Positioning has been defined as " the art and science of fitting the product or service to one or more segments of the broad market in such a way as to set it meaningfully apart from competition." (Bovee & Arens 1992) The Coopers position it as the family company and the most attractive it can offered is the fanmily tradition. First,in the tradional market, the design of products has a 'traditioanl' feeling, including the labeling, buildings and advertising materials. The brand image may also be enhanced by the Coopers club. Second, the naming of the products supports the tradition strategy. "all but one of Coopes' regular beers include ether 'ale','stout' or 'lager' in their names"( Byrom&Lehman, 2009). Such strategy may highlight the brand name from the other beer company.
Based on the case we have discussed, we could find that the distribution channel of Coopers is limited and all promotion activities are done by itself. Moreover, living in the information time, the efficient and instant spread of products information is required. It means the internet and other telecommunications tools must be sufficiently used. But the fact is that the Coopers just set up a website to inform information and no e-business. The recommendation can be put on this two aspects.
First, strategically alliance with some companies, especially those with long history. For example, when alliance with Ann berger hut, a German hotel with 282 years history, the Coopers can gain a wide attention from the public with low cost and promote itself with the family long tradition. When the promotion activities are not done by the Coopers, the financial pressure and risk of loss may be minimized. The distribution channel may also be expanded. Compared with the old promotion , a word-of-mouth effect may be achieved easily.(51Due责任编辑:BUG)
Second, the internet can be used in a wider way rather than just inform customers on the company website. The e-business has developed greatly in the recent years and bring about fundamental change to the way doing business. The Coopers can put their products on Taobao and e-bay, the sales volume in the foreign may be boosted by this way. The internet ad may also be used to enlarge the awareness in new market on a relatively much lower cost. Take the social networking marketing as an example. When the Coopers open a Facebookpage, the products information may be passed to the customers who pay attention on the pages. As people are closely related with each other, the experience of products may be delivered instantly and the constellation effect may be achieved. The brand loyalty may also be enhanced by the closer interaction on the Facebook.
To conclusion, the role of IMC played in the Coopers overall marketing strategy cannot be replaced. The Coopers use Advertising, public relations, interactive marketing as well as direct marketing to deliver the consistent message of the family concept and genuine nature of product to customers. Then the importance of the understanding of target market to gain brand equity in the IMC strategy is referred. At last, the recommendation to strategic alliance with long history company and wider use of internet is made to promote the distribution channel and brand equity.
Word count:1970
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