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《老人与海》中桑提亚哥主体形象分析Analysis of "the old man and the sea "in Santiago body image--英国论文代写范文精选

2015-11-17 | 来源:51Due教员组 | 类别:更多范文

[Abstract] in "the old man and the sea" protagonist Santiago body, Hemingway placed his deep understanding of human nature and faith. His simple, poor not poor, humble and not baseness, motion has a dignity, admirable. On him, not only embodies the characteristics - stress Hemingway leading mode under the extreme calm and elegant demeanor and the elegance of self-control, also shows a far wider quiet psychological quality. If the Santiago showed dignity in its actions, continue to remain unbeaten in the spirit of the failure shows his tough guy character.

【摘  要】在《老人与海》主人公桑提亚哥身上,海明威寄托了他对人性的深刻理解和信念。他简朴,贫困而不寒酸,谦卑而不低贱,动作之中自有一股尊严,令人敬仰。在他身上,不仅凝聚了海明威主角模式卓绝的特质---压力下的冷静和优雅风度以及产生这种优雅感的自我控制力,还显示出了一种阔远宁静的心理素质。如果说桑提亚哥在其行动中显示了尊严,在遭到失败后继续保持不败的精神则显示了他的硬汉本色。

[keyword] the old man and the sea; Santiago; dignity; elegant; tough guy


A, internal force


Santiago is a living by fishing for Cuban old fisherman, he after wind was difficult, the loss of years left in him a deep imprint. He has been for 84 consecutive days didn't catch a fish, the first few days have a child with him out to sea, because of his failure and bad luck, that child by parents force with other fishing boat fishing. Now the old man lonely and helpless, bad luck. But he is old but not bad, old appearance with his energetic heart contrast. Hemingway in the description of Santiago this figure, through the description of his appearance and eye, reflects the old man looks old and inner strength:


The old man was thin and gaunt, with deep wrinkles in the back of his neck. The brown blotches of the benevolent skin cancer the sun brings from its reflection on the tropic sea were on his cheeks. The blotches ran well down the sides of his face and his hands had the deep – creased scars from handling heavy fish on the cords. But none of the scars were fresh. They were as old as erosions in a fishless desert.

Everything about him was old except his eye and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated.
In Santiago body, two be well-matched in strength against strength formed this character's great tension, while strengthening the sense of reality the reader of this character's expectations and characters: one is the Santiago for eighty-four consecutive days of suffering and the like "permanent failure flags" torn sails and his "not defeated" eyes phase confrontation; two is his blue body and he's clear, pleasant eyes phase confrontation. This confrontation to make readers have a new look for the character, but also a broad range of psychological space and environment space for the action figure. In addition, "failure and bad luck" appear to others is "forever" (permanent), but to Santiago did not cause what effect, he still believes he will have good luck. He also by virtue of their rich experience and superb skills caught a really big fish:
The old man said, "I may not be as strong as I think." "But I know many tricks and I have resolutions"

The old man's tone bold and confident, he is very clear own physical weakness, but he also believes in his own will and experience advantage. His words are short and strong, no superfluous words, no additional explanation, but also strengthened the kids and readers for his beliefs.
In addition to the old man's vibrant eyes, Hemingway also let the reader see Santiago body other powerful part of the kid Manolin's eyes, so that readers look forward and not fantasy, focus on Santiago body, his strong shoulder, his head and neck without showing him the strength:
They were strange shoulders, still powerful although very old, and the neck was still strong too and the creases did not show so much when the old man was asleep and his head fallen forward.
It was this old and enduring physical constituted Santiago underpin assertive one of the basic force. As a frequent in power struggle with nature state fisherman, he had a deep, very clear advantages of itself and odds; for he would face of fish, he will also seek to deep, know how to use the skills and endurance to win a fair fight. He had no illusions about his ability to boost oneself, also not arrogant. Just waiting for the chance to prove their abilities, so, he to Manolin compliment response is not very strong, just a hint of "Thank you. You make me happy. I hope no fish will come along so great that he will prove us wrong." show a Zhiyizhibi fishing master in before the calm and stabilization, words are few, but every word of thousands of fishing, there was a shocking force.
Santiago's action as his words, concise and precise, no action. His every movement appears after the precise computation, never waste a bit of energy. As he undressed action, light and practical, read people like be personally on the scene:
He rolled his trousers up to make a pillow, putting the newspaper inside them. He rolled himself in the blanket and slept on the other old newspapers that covered the springs of the bed

His simple, poor not poor, humble and not baseness, motion has a dignity, admirable. Hemingway placed his deep understanding of human nature and faith in this man. No matter how hard the sinister environment, regardless of a person's status, human dignity is the most important. This dignity, not because of wealth, luck and increase or decrease in size, it is part of a truly wonderful human essential, Young noted that this realm is Hemingway himself can achieve a high degree, he is the most successful works.
"The knowledge that a simple man is capable of the decency, dignity, and even heroism that Santiago possesses and that his battle can been seen in heroic terms is itself perhaps the greatest victory that Hemingway won"

2, tough guy character
If the Santiago showed dignity in its actions, the defeat also remained unbeaten spirit shows his tough guy character, he and the kid Manolin friendship shows the warm side of his personality. Expressed his loyalty and passion through his actions, as he was alone in the sea of repeatedly mentioned the kid Manolin, make the person feels his craving for friendship and help.
But this character Santiago is not without any defects, such as he allowed himself and Manolin told repeatedly that the Steamed Rice and nets on It is sheer fiction. dialogue, exposed the non rational side of his character:
"What do you have to eat the boy asked.?"
"A pot of yellow rice with fish. Do you want some?"
"No. I will eat at home. Do you want me to make the fire?"
"No. I will make it later on. Or I may eat the rice cold." "May I take the castnet?"
"Of course"
Actually they did not Steamed Rice and fish, not fishing nets, but two people every day, repeated this shared lies, show the two different mentality. Manolin out of pity and devotion to actively maintain it. And Santiago is due to emotional weakness and indulge their illusion. But this is not a defect characters appear contemptible, but he is amiable and lovely, more recent human. Because if a character is too perfect or too rational, will lose its true, image is not round, Hemingway to the arrangement of the plot is skillfully avoided characters too tend to perfection.
Santiago aspiring, ready to catch everything ready for a really big fish. One morning, he alone in a boat to the depths of the sea, at noon on the day he caught a gigantic marlin. The fish took him and his boat to the north and East swimming for two consecutive days and two nights. Santiago to tighten the line, with great endurance and fish stalemate. At noon the third day near, he put the fish pulled on the surface of the water, with a harpoon stabbed it. But the fish longer than the boat, he had to fish tied the boat to take it home. Then it happened that he regrets that he caught the fish, with shark chasing the bloody, a mouthful of his more than one thousand pounds of fish bite. When he returned to their fishing, boat with only one pair of empty bone. The old man and fish won the fight hard, also lose very hard


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