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Essay代写:The Empire consciousness in English novels

2018-01-09 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The Empire consciousness in English novels,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英国小说中的帝国意识。作为意识形态的传播手段,英国小说给予整个世界不断的影响。但是作为曾经的殖民宗主国,英国小说中所表现出来的主体意识形态具有很深的帝国殖民特色,各个时期的小说家们的作品中都不断地流露出来这种带有帝国殖民色彩的叙述。

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As the king of the former world, the Daying Empire had a large number of colonies, and in these colonial surface showed a strong imperialist ideology. As an ideological means of communication, English novels give the whole world a constant influence. But as a former colonial sovereign, the main ideology in English novels has deep colonial characteristics. The writings of the novelists, represented by Defoe, Dickens and Conrad, are constantly revealing this narrative of imperial colonization. Therefore, only by deeply exploring the essential features of the works created by these writers can we better grasp the profound imperial consciousness and the colonial discourse system.

Since the beginning of the modern English novel in the 18th century, the English novel has always had a strong ideological consciousness. From the father of our familiar modern English novels to the great masters of Dickens in the 19th century and to the Conrad of the early 20th century, their works have a clear sense of empire and have very distinctive characteristics of colonial discourse. They believe that the obligation of the West is to rationally use the resources and the rights conferred by nature to make human civilization continue to develop and progress, so only with this kind of imperial consciousness will benefit mankind, so this formed the British cultural Empire of a special colonial discourse construction chain.

As the father and founder of modern English novels, Defoe has provided a model for the creation of the English novel, and his masterpiece Robinson Crusoe is the classic text of the wandering novel and the colonial novel. Robinson Crusoe makes the colonial fantasy and imperial consciousness in the early European literature appear in a virtual form.

Colonization was rising in the west, and in the whole colonial history, the character Robinson in Defoe's novel had a strong sense of empire. It is this kind of imperial cultural consciousness that has created the first typical colonial rover image represented by Robinson. "These so-called explorers have expanded through trade and brought back such things as gold, slaves and tropical plants, which provide a huge impetus to the development of capitalism," Watts said. And in the late period, with the great development of capitalism, the colonies and international markets on which it depended are still continuing this process, and continue to develop. ”

Robinson built his dream Empire by the actual possession of the land, but the purpose of his empire was not to serve the people, but to gain benefits. So, when Robinson stepped on a desert island, on the island of his thoughts on the reconstruction. On this desert island, Robinson's feeling is very excited, because since then he is the owner of the island, everything here belongs to him, so he does not allow anyone to meddle in his "property." When the natives of the island fight each other, and even left their marks on the ground, it made Robinson feel furious. The reason for his rage was not that the natives were killing each other, but that he thought the island was his own "property" and that someone had been on his turf, which Robinson could not tolerate. This kind of imperial ideology is expressed through the reaction of Robinson, this is the so-called imperialist cultural expansion will.

The imperialist colonial color in the ideological consciousness of Robinson can be reproduced in the novel. After a period of adaptation, Robinson began to the island kingdom carried out a rapid colonization of the island's resources to the endless plundering and development. Later, he rescued his servant, his father, and another white man in Friday, and began to build his empire on the island. This kind of imperialist thought is a kind of colonial rule: "I am very happy now, because my island has finally the residents, they are my kingdom's subjects, for my use, listen to my orders." Everything on this island is mine, my own property, and no one can question that. As a monarch, all the people are surrendering to me, which makes me feel very gratified, as long as I want, they can not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for me. ”

Defoe through the "Robinson Crusoe" to create a dream of everyone is full of adventure characteristics of the park. Not only that, he also invented an imperial heroic character-Robinson. Although living alone on a deserted island for nearly 30 years, this character, through the conscious packaging of Defoe, became a cultural Superman with patriarchal spirit and imperial consciousness. And this kind of exaggeration of the class power of his narrative, showing a very strong nation on the consciousness of the powerful.

As the famous British novel Masters of the 19th century, Dickens's works are the important archives of the Western Culture colonial empire. His novels show a kind of colonialism-rich consciousness of the imperial complex as a member of the Daying Empire. In many of his novels, Dickens described the British colony of Australia, highlighting the arrogance and new imperialist consciousness held by Britain, the world's largest colonial empire.

In order to dominate the world ideologically, the Western society must realize a cultural imperialism, through the indoctrination of the ideological consciousness of the barbarians and the timely removal of those who are in the same clan with them to the cultural colonization of the ideology. Dickens said: "As novelists, as creators of fictional stories, they can use the surrounding territory in accordance with the needs of creation, and this use is only to convey a simple purpose." ”

So according to Dickens, Australia can provide a great wealth for the Western Empire and create a "future" for the citizens of its sovereign State. His novel "Great Expectations" in essence can be said to be full of Imperial colonial consciousness works. The protagonist is a poor family of children, in his childhood, the family died, only a sister and he had each other, when his sister married, he still and his sister live together. At the age of 7, Pip helped a man named Magwitch to flee. Soon, Magwitch ran to Australia, where he made a windfall and became a very rich man. Not only did he have a lot of money in the bank, but he also had several valuable properties. At this time, Magwitch thought of his life-saving benefactor, he would like to cultivate the obsessed to help his little one, to Pip will inherit all his future, which caused the soul in the heart of the turmoil, so that he began to full of fantasy:

"From my origin, I should live an honest and ordinary life, because of the hard work, study, and future marriage with bitty." However, with a cheerful imagination, the idea of stupidity...

Later, out of the colonial need for imperial consciousness, Dickens arranged the Magwitch in his novel and he showed Pip his success in Australia. Through this description, Dickens shows his as the Daying Imperial people's ideological consciousness of the strong imperial colonial color.

In the age of British writer Conrad, White Europeans discriminated against other people of color, which, in the eyes of white people, were of a lower race and served only with whites. In Conrad's mind, there is also the idea of hating the color of the colored: "In North Africa, I met a tall, burly black man, who was very rude to me and was downright heinous." For a long time after that, I have always dreamed of that hateful black ghost, really, hateful extremely. Under the influence of the powerful imperial consciousness, the childhood experience and memory of Conrad are constantly strengthened, which makes him create one terrible nightmare after another. In the novel "Master Jim", Conrad has shown this cultural memory constantly, forming a kind of colonial concept. In "Lord Jim", the captain called pilgrims from the eastern fringe "cattle", and the other whites called them "pink toads". The white man's nickname for the Oriental Arabs is also extremely vicious, and they call these Arabs "bastards". And for blacks, they are extremely sarcastic and vicious attacks, they're just "fussing fools" a senior who has looked at Jim's fate said: "You still want to sacrifice for them, it's like you sell your dignity, soul and body to an animal." ”

Wallis is one of the few men of color that Conrad has shaped in his Lord Jim, because Wallis knows how to fight like a white man, and it has a sense of European ideology. Nevertheless, in the end he did not resist the attacks of pirates, did not resolve the fight. Despite his admirable Wallis, he could not escape the cold shoulder he had encountered as a colored man.

Therefore, as a novelist, due to the strong influence of imperial consciousness in the thought, Conrad's narration of the works shows an supercilious style of imperialism consciousness. In Conrad's view, without the support of Western civilization, the whole world will be in a desolate situation, without the leadership of Western civilization, the world is like a desert island lost its direction, this colonial concept has greatly affected the creation of its works theme.

Although the world is now completely colonized, but in Western culture, especially in the Western works will not show a little imperialist colonial color. Only through the continuous exchanges between the peoples, to enhance mutual understanding and understanding, so as to truly colonize, dilute and eliminate the imperial consciousness.




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