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Essay代写:A Discussion of K-POP

2018-02-09 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- A Discussion of K-POP,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了韩国流行音乐。韩国的K-POP有很强的节奏,类似于电音音乐。大多数歌手都选择唱跳,尽管他们追求自己独特的风格。在韩国,K-POP的经营重点是音乐的产业化,音乐的制作与产品的制造类似,而不是音乐的艺术创作。K-POP是一个比较成熟的行业,它由类似于工业企业的产业链组成。从音乐制作人的大量生产,到专辑销售网络,以及音乐公司与电视台的密切合作,这一切都使音乐产出速度加快。


South Korea's K-POP is marked by very strong rhythm, similar to Electrophonic Music. Most singers have chosen to sing and dance at the same time, although there is the pursuit of their own unique style. In this article, it is to have a discussion of K-POP in terms of how it develops, and how K-POP stars such as G-dragon were success. 

The popularity of K-POP to a certain extent thanks to the active promotion of singers. South Korea as a small country, had the market which is very limited. To find a bigger groups of fans, they must rely on the Chinese market with huge population base. K-POP in the late 1990s began to enter China. In the early 21st century, Korean pop music is easily popular among the public. At the end of the 1990s, and the early 21st century it can be described as the driving force of the South Korean wave or hallyu cross Asia(Sebag, 2016). It hit Japan in 2003 with Yonsama. And Winter Sonata(Kim, and Ryoo,2007).But with the rise of the new millennium black music, and the fans getting more and more mature, Korean pop music is slowly showing their own weakness. It is gradually sinking into silence. However, with a lot of big company such as YG Entertainment for Big Bang which made a lot of effort to build superstar, it helps to re-gathered some new generation of fans. It seems that the Korean wave began to re-rise. Korean K-POP are also trying to expand international market, shaping the international image of K-POP singers, and the Korean brokerage firm in this regard made efforts. Recently, with the expanding of market to Europe and the United States, brand members of other Asian areas or returnee form foreign countries. JJCC included martial arts star Jackie Chan, and Korean-American and Chinese-Australian band member(Sebag, 2016).  It brought freshness to the Korean local fans, and is easier in the future to enter other country. Also some singers do language preparation. Wonder Girls’ Nobody became a hit in United States once. In addition, the sudden popularity of Psy from YG Entertainment and his song "Gangnam Style" in the US. His Gangnam Style had nearly 900 million views and became the world's most watched video on YouTube( BBC.com, 2012). K-POP of South Korea is always capable of leading the fashion trend.

In South Korea, the operation of K-POP is focus on the industrialization of music, and the production of music is similar to the manufacture of products, rather than artistic creation of music. K-POP singer signs "slave contracts" with record companies, which control everything of singers( Sebag, 2016). K-POP singer is a relatively complete, and multi-faceted products. An observation on their musical creation process can come to this conclusion. K-POP as a more mature industry is composed of chain similar to that of the industrial business. From the mass production of the music producer of similar music style , to the album selling network, and close cooperation between music company and the television station, all this make for music output as quick as possible. They are belonging to the fast food. This brings advantage to K-POP.  Usually creation period of a collection of songs or the record production will be much quicker.  In addition, because K-POP makes young fans as the target audience, artists are mainly between 16 to 25-year-old, who are either handsome boys or beautiful girls. They have been trained for many years by the brokerage company. With a relatively good quality of the artist, the bulk was pushed to the market. There are not less than tens of dozens of K-pop singers who made their debut every year(Sebag, 2016). The huge number of these artists make the average life expectancy of their musical life is in general quite short except a few exceptions. After some peak period of less than three years, they will disappear. So this market characteristics of the record company made a request of frequent appearance in front of the audience, and therefore rarely have a elaborate production which costs few years.

In the successful combination of music creation, dance, fashion taste and promotion with the operation of broker companies, it finally contributes to the success of G-dragon. Although there are a lot of K-POP stars, G-dragon are definitely a phenomenal figure. He and his band Big Bang tour all over the world, such as the US cities Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Mexico and Canada(Fifield, 2016).He is a man who is talented and works hard on music. And music itself are very important in the success of K-POP singer G-dragon. His creative ability is great, compared to a lot of Korean bands now. He pays more attention to the participation of the music and composition of songs. They challenged the idea that K-pop must be “sugarcoated and factory-produced”( Fifield, 2016). The release of a new song will go through the survey of the public taste, the analysis of the market, the convergence of the popular trend. His popularity is influenced by a lot of external factors, except the songs themselves. The concept of packaging, publicity, dance arrangement, MV shooting, and even the appearance of the singer, affinity, artistic sense are also key criteria and reason for the success of G-dragon. On the stage, he is rather expressive, and he can be said to be born for the stage. The luxurious and unique stage style make him attracts lot of fans(Chang , 2014).He has a strong sense of fashion, although the team behind him must give the appropriate management, but G-dragon has his own fashion concept. He was invited by the Chanel show(Fifield, 2016). In addition, his active participation in variety show arranged by broker companies is also a good way of advertising.

Now,K-POP of South Korea, marked by its unique style and some popular singers like G-dragon, lead the popular music industry in Korea.

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