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Essay代写:Modernist design

2018-06-19 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Modernist design,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了现代主义设计。19世纪末,英国工艺美术运动的发展,意味着现代主义设计的开端。文艺复兴之后,欧洲现代主义的设计思想被带到新大洲,最终演变成国际主义风格,从而又影响全世界。西方现代史是一部不断探索民主制度的历史,现代主义设计紧随其后地提出了在大机器生产的时代下对人权和人的价值的重新定义。

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Began in the 18th century European enlightenment to shake the position of the ruling class, humans began to explore its meaning, for had a deeper understanding of democratic consciousness, sense of value and the right to be amplified, respect for the people began to reflect on all aspects of society. By the 19th century, the industrial revolution had turned a new page in history. The progress of science and technology had promoted the rapid development of social productivity and caused profound changes in social class relations. In 1836 the British chartism, the working class and the masses of the people to fight for universal suffrage heroic struggle, promoted the process of the European bourgeois democratic politics, also greatly strengthened the consciousness of human rights and the value of a man. The same is true of design. Some people who are committed to design reform begin to explore new design theories and styles under the new trend of thought. People's core value of the design trend and the characteristics of modernism for the public design of the democratic thought began to germinate. William? Morris advocated by the arts and crafts movement, the German industrial alliance "standardised" propositions put forward by difficult times in the war and later the Bauhaus, both began to search for the masses a more accord with social character and time spirit's way of life; Modernism emphasizes mass design, removes the affectation of design, and designs consumable products for the laboring public. Looking back on history, it is not hard to find that design democracy and political democracy are mutually driven and complementary. The vicissitudes experienced by the western democratic system have also promoted the modern design from the public to the public, from the pure manual to the mechanized production, from the nobility to democracy, to the public life.

In 1851, Britain hosted the first world's fair in London's Hyde park to promote economic development and demonstrate its industrial strength. This exhibition hall is made of steel and glass, known as crystal palace expo. This expo brings together the achievements of the industrial revolution of European countries.

But one of Britain's leading critics, John Donovan, has said that he is not alone. Raskin thinks the crystal palace can only prove that humans can build a bigger greenhouse. The exhibits of the first world expo are ugly and functional forms are not unified with each other. After the world expo, John? Raskin began to publicize his design philosophy, emphasizing serving the public, emphasizing the democratic nature of design and opposing the elitism of design.

In 1864, William Morris set up morris design firm, engaged in the design of household products, its design works truly reflect raskin's design philosophy. In terms of design, morris emphasized that design is for the masses, not for the few. Morris believes that art should not serve only a few. Since then, the design of ordinary people's houses has become the focus of architectural designers. Morris's democratic stance on design was that he became the "father of the modernist movement".

After the Renaissance, democracy became the focus of western society. Despite decades of war, but Germany is still in the development of the citizen stratum, is engaged in the production of technical innovation and trade development make citizen stratum gradually more and more important role in the society, citizen class consciousness also more and more intense, gradually began to get itself more say, and get social recognition. The cultural climate changed dramatically in Germany after bismarck resigned in 1890. Many critics argue that improving design in handicrafts and industries is fundamental to future prosperity.

In 1907, jose, Theseus, belem, established German design group, the first German industrial alliance, its purpose is to emphasis on design of national conscience, which laid a German tradition of pursuing high quality industrial products. German industrial alliance although not explicitly put forward design ideas related to democratization, but they are in mass production is carried out on the technology improvement, can design products to serve more people. This is a technical interpretation of industrial democratization.

After the first world war, Germany was affected by the war, people's living standards fell and inflation was severe. Some people of insight have turned their attention to people's livelihood. At the same time, the republic of weimar is democratic and open, abolishing censorship and encouraging artists to conduct various radical explorations. Industrial production has taken shape, and while current industrial production is slightly shoddy, it has significantly reduced costs. "Bauhaus" at the historic moment marks the birth of modern design, which pursues a democratic spirit of serving the society and the public. "In the late 1930 s, the main leaders of the Bauhaus and a large number of students, faculty, because from the European war and Nazi fascist political persecution and emigrated to the United States, and the design of them in Europe, the European modernist design thought is brought to the new world. After the end of the second world war, Bauhaus's influence was finally developed into a new design style -- internationalism style, which affected the whole world. So Bauhaus's impact on world design is not limited to education. Bauhaus is the first education school of modern design in the world, and its established modernist design principles have a far-reaching impact, providing theoretical guidance for architecture and product design in later ages. Bauhaus' aesthetic thought also has profound reference significance today.

The Nordic countries are among the most democratic countries in the world because of their population and culture. After the second world war, the Nordic economy developed rapidly, and people's living standards were guaranteed. In the 1940s, Sweden established a "cradle-to-grave" one-stop social security system. Northern Europe has realized zero social class differences on the basis of economy, which determines that most of its social and cultural activities, including design, are based on the value concept of equality for all. For example, for the planning and design of a peninsula, Finland has openly invited all kinds of professional and non-professional personnel, school students and construction teams, and even children as young as three years old, to carry out the project design. The government believes that everyone has the ability to influence the environment, and we need to see things from different perspectives.

Nordic design concept under the influence of its political system and social system, have far more than social significance of responsibility and design industry itself, the design of democracy throughout the modern design, the concept of service for the masses into the heart of the Nordic designer.

Although democracy is a political word, it presents an open and tolerant attitude of thought. Hang in the design of the democratic spirit between said: some people would say, you to mix design and democracy is too far away, actually otherwise, I would like to adapt one of Abraham Lincoln, you can know how closely is the relationship between democracy and design: democracy is "the people, and for the people, by the people," regime, actually design also is "people, and for the people, by the people,". The modern history of the west is a history of continuous exploration of democratic system. The modernist design followed it closely by proposing a new definition of human rights and human values in the era of big machine production. Its representative figures believe that they can help the people, improve the social standard of living, and improve the overall level of society through design, which serves the public. And rule Europe thousands of years in the service of the powerful few elitism design view in stark contrast, has a strong intellectual idealism color, felt the true pulse of modern design, it represents the progress of era.




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