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essay代写-The language style of news programs

2018-07-07 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The language style of news programs,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了新闻类节目的语言风格。目前,大部分的新闻评论类节目主持人多采用客观深刻、犀利尖锐的语言风格。这样的特点,要求主持人必须要具备良好的文化内涵,较高的智商和十分敏捷的反应能力。而作为新闻类节目主持人,在采访过程中需要有善于发问、追求深度的语言风格,从而形成主持人特有的语言风格。

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At present, most of the news and comment programs support people to adopt an objective, deep, sharp language style, among which the most appropriate use is CCTV host bai yansong. Such characteristics require that the host must have good cultural connotation, high IQ and very quick reaction ability. At the same time, as the leader of news commentary program, be sure to have broad knowledge, there is a close attention to domestic and international news, once encounter emergencies, must be able to make a quick response. On the linguistic features of bai yansong?

Frowning, serious expression, novel rhetoric, aggressive tone, expert-like comments, scholarly inquiry, and finally leading to their own hopes and thoughts. Agility and sharp language are the advantages of bai yansong, who hosts programs that are deep and not rigid, lively and not vulgar, and has a unique style of hosting. Bai yansong wise, there is a strong social sense of responsibility, on the surface, his language is more gorgeous, more poetic, but hidden in a pair of glasses after small bright eyes tell us: he thought more deep, more stable. He is unpretentious, upright and sincere to the motherland and the people. He will never make a public spectacle of himself. Bai yansong, graduated from Beijing broadcasting institute, has a solid theory foundation of basic skills and abundant knowledge reserves, bai yansong in each episode can be thought Keats's comments on news events, are often able to, bring the audience a lot of inspiration. The language features of bai yansong are not only literary and refreshing, but also thoughtful, profound and unique.

As a socially responsible news anchor, the anchor can process not only requires clear familiar phenomena of news and news influence, more to express themselves in the process of supporting point of view, that it doesn't let the audience in the process of watching the news program of humour. Sports commentator huang jianxiang, for example, by saying, "you are not alone", let us remember him, although in the sport program too bright express their propensity to have some wrong, but there is no doubt that a formal it became huang jianxiang, make a show host more to "independent thinking person" image appears in front of an audience. But, as a news presenter, assume more social responsibility, in a news phenomenon explanation after a few words of novel and unique, thought-provoking comments with social positive energy will become a punchline.

As a news show anchor and commentators, in many cases will face an interview with the situation of the respondents, and a good at asking questions in the process of interview, the pursuit of the depth of language style tends to make the audience have a refreshing feeling. To the interview of the stage, the interview way that does not seem to offend the interviewee will often make the audience have a kind of pain of trying to solve the problem. Over time, the audience will be lost. For example the recent fire variety show the Venus show host in Venus left a deep impression for everyone, nervous, afraid of interviewees shouted, while the audience after the call, so as to make the high ratings. As a news program host, the language style that is good at asking questions and pursuing depth in the interview process will make the audience see a bright light, thus forming the special language style of the host.

Another common style among TV hosts is wit and humor. Wit and humor can be said to be one of the best qualities of human beings, and it is also one of the rare qualities of the host. If a host can be clever and humorous, and pursue the innovation and fun of language, he will surely be able to win the audience's love and make the audience feel the beautiful edification in laughter.

Also as the host of CCTV news programs, zhu guangquan changed his previous seriousness and rigidity, and was nicknamed "the new web celebrity comedian" for his humorous hosting style. 2017 years, to a new web celebrity, CCTV host Zhu Guangquan mutual concern, he from time to time in the news program on a talk show, humorous jokes, make a lot of netizens "watch the news channel make track for a star".

In the travel news broadcasts of years ago, Zhu Guangquan replied with a "daughter" audience "television festival take rest", he said: "my dear audience friends, not earth, we don't have a holiday, the universe does not restart, we don't rest, wind in the rain we are all here waiting for you for the holidays, without the four seasons, there are only two seasons, you see is the peak season, you change channels is off-season". This video hit the Internet quickly, and zhu guangquan went on a hot search in an instant, attracting nationwide attention to the anchor overnight.

Across several categories show host style, each type has its own characteristics, has its own audience, the announcer host how to program into their style become a problem worthy of delicious presenter should ponder. The announcer host wants to make his own language have distinctive style characteristic, what aspect should go hard from? Not a show host style can be formed overnight, accepted by the audience and the approval is not happen overnight, it cannot leave the day after day to ponder and solid fundamentals. It must be said that, first of all, the host must be able to speak an accurate, standard mandarin. But every successful and remembered host, bai yansong, cui yongyuan and chai jing have this characteristic without exception. In addition to the standard of mandarin, announcer hosts should improve their ideological and cultural foundation if they want to incorporate their own style features into the program. Language can not be produced without its content and form. Content comes from thought, and form can be called language organization or language expression. Host to pass what kind of idea, we need to use what kind of language to "packaging", how can the "packaging" the content of the effective and affectionately passed to the audience, which requires the host continuously strengthen their own ideological and cultural background.




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