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Essay代写:Impressionist music art

2018-09-29 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Impressionist music art,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了印象乐派音乐艺术。印象乐派音乐起源于十九世纪末,是受象征主义文学和绘画的影响而出现的一种音乐流派。印象乐派音乐带有一种完全抽象的、超越现实的色彩,是音乐进入现代主义的开端。印象乐派音乐的音乐形式、织体、表现手法、基本美学观点以及所追求的艺术目的和艺术效果都与古典和浪漫主义有着很大的分歧与差别。


Impressionism music came into being at the end of 19th century. It is a music school influenced by "symbolist literature" and "impressionistic painting". Impressionism music with a kind of completely abstract, surpasses the reality color, is music enters the modernism beginning. Its music form, texture, expression technique, basic aesthetic point of view as well as the artistic purpose and the artistic effect it pursues all have the very big difference with classicism and romanticism.

Influenced by impressionism painting, at the end of the 19th century, French composer Debussy founded music impressionism school, which was connected with naturalism, hedonism, intuitionism and empiricism in aesthetic thoughts, and represented school poets in artistic concepts to pursue the subtle effect of rhetoric and rhyme. The in focus light and shade on the theme of the game, and all the beauty, joy, and can give a person to enjoy things, the pursuit of nature scenery in the instantaneous alternation and change, with particular emphasis on color contrast between light and heavy, light and shade levels and the shading of the emphasis on music, create a hazy with changeable atmosphere, with wonderful harmony, tone to show it.

According to Debussy, music can put the impressionistic ideal into practice more effectively than painting, painting can only show the static state of light, while music can express the flow change of light. While monet needed a series of drawings to create different effects of light in the same scene, music was able to create an uninterrupted flow of light in the same piece. In terms of writing techniques, his melodies are mostly developed by fragmentary fragments or short sentences. He prefers to use dissonant chords, parallel 4 to 5 degrees, parallel chords, scales used in diatonic, pentatonic and mediaeval forms. Harmony on the function as far as possible, enhance its color. The range of tonality is greatly expanded through the use of frequent detaching and transposition. The music style is mainly a trilogy style, and more innovations are made in the genre. Instead of copying the traditional music style, the music style is applied more liberally. The dispenser technique is delicate and exquisite, and the color is flickering and unpredictable. He is good at capturing the dynamics of light, shadow and water color, using visual images to express auditory fantasy. All of these techniques are used to create the misty, ethereal, empty and secluded artistic conception peculiar to impressionism.

Debussy's piano music art summarizes the music characteristics of impressionism. From the introduction of the first piano piece Bohemian dance music in 1880 to the publication of 12 piano etudes written by pure music in 1915, Debussy co-wrote 92 piano pieces including the dance drama music toy box published in the form of piano solo. His piano works have the following characteristics in terms of artistic expression:

Music is the most abstract in various art forms. Influenced by the impressionist school, Debussy used a lot of sound materials in his works to "paint scenes". The island of joy was created by Debussy based on the famous painting sailing to the island of sidale by the French painter walter at the Louvre in Paris. "Happy island" is just like the "sound painting", song zhongdyer island charming lake and mountain scenery leap before your eyes.

In Debussy's music, the important factors is color stereo, in Debussy's many works, we can feel rich sound, such as "image collection" the first "of the" right in the middle area continued use of chord arpeggio, like a gentle wind, the water ripples of ripples, was she shake ground water reflection radiant with rainbow sparkle in the sunshine. This piece of music "combined" natural scale, chromatic scale and diatonic scale in the scale material, Debussy is known as "harmonist chemist". In the piano suite "image collection", we seek the combination of sound color effect and human subjective feeling, and create a dreamlike atmosphere and hazy sound effect. Another example is in "the bell in the leaves" not only heard the rustle of leaves, but also heard the distant bell, the bell reverberated in the woods.

Some impressionistic paintings are similar to ancient Chinese literati paintings. In these paintings, abound intense emotion color and individual character characteristic, strong adornment interest and highly artistic form aesthetic feeling, especially the splashed ink and big freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, with the expression form of French impressionism, have certain and interlinked place. The first "tower" was inspired by Debussy's 1899-1900 world's fair in Paris, where he heard calumny in Java and music in China. A pentatonic scale theme is repeated throughout the whole song in different rhythmic forms, and its expression is influenced by music in the east, more of which is a holistic freehand style.

Some works, such as "children's paradise" is Debussy's specially written piano suite for his daughter xiu xiu. In the music, he is still a child, dreaming and dreaming with his daughter. The second "elephant lullaby" depicts the hero holding a toy elephant in his arms, reading a lullaby with his mouth, and finally falling asleep together.

Some works, such as Debussy's "etudes", imitated Chopin's "etudes", are a kind of art of skill and artistic skill.

Debussy created the piano music with impressionistic technique, and put forward a new topic for the piano performance technology. Debussy was a pianist and composer who, after Chopin, tapped the inner acoustic potential of the piano. He advocated forgetting that the piano was a clavichord instrument and striving for a subtle and varied "nuance" in tone. In "playing the piano with Debussy," his frequent collaborator, Margaret long, wrote: "how could I forget his soft, caressing, deep touch, when his fingers glided lightly and through the keys, he also gained a particularly expressive tone with subtle pressure." Playing Debussy's work requires the use of extremely soft touch keys to create a floating sound. When playing finger often need keys, or hardly left key, give a person a kind of the feeling of endless, sometimes need to highlight the same in the quiet background foil in the music of the weak and thin lines, at this point, the play need to relax and the fingertip force like dragonfly water touch key, control to the right, the tone should be fully, feminine.

Pedals are called the soul of the piano, Debussy at the foot of the state to achieve a transcendent. First of all, you should use the right delay pedal carefully, and treat it according to different sound colors and levels of music. Sometimes may need to lift when not completely clean, keep some necessary sound; Sometimes a quick light pedal is needed for clarity and clarity; Sometimes the same pedal may be used in a dissonant continuation of harmony; It is sometimes possible to run the pedals through the rest and staccato for special effects. Debussy's work is also heavily used on the left side of the weak tone pedal and the middle pedal, making the acoustic colors more unpredictable.




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