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essay代写-George style in America

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本篇essay代写- George style in America讨论了美国的乔治式风格美国早期的乔治式是英国巴洛克风格向洛可可风格过渡的一种风格,持续了40多年,它包括安妮女王式、乔治式和齐宾泰尔式。美国乔治式设计注重格调,并非讲究绝对的奢华,一般的厅房之中没有太多的装饰线条,而有装饰的地方则做到简约、精致。绝大部分的装修均一步到位,而装饰部分则留下来给业主自由发挥。美国的乔治式风格对现代建筑和室内设计影响深远。本篇essay代写51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

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The early Georgian style in the United States was a transition from the English baroque to the rococo style that lasted more than 40 years. It includes the queen Anne style, the George style and the Chippendale style.

The simple, earthy style of the early colonial period of the 18th century, which turned to elegance and luxury, came from England. Between 1714 and 1811, Britain completed the industrial revolution and established the capitalist regime. Colonial expansion. So the Georgian style had a great influence on the architectural style of the world at that time. This style is a kind of style characteristic that epitomized, it has the curve form of baroque, have rococo adornment element again. The classicism inherited from the Renaissance was carried forward by the famous architect palladio at that time. The traditional European architecture we see today is basically based on Georgia.

The characteristic of Georgian architecture is its proportion and sense of balance. Simple mathematical proportions are used to determine the building structure. For example, the height of the window is related to its width, and the shape of the room is a double cube.

"Order" is an endorsement of symmetry and adherence to classical rules, and the lack of symmetry in early Georgian architecture is deeply felt as a defect. The regularity of the front of the house along the street was a goal of Georgian town planning. Georgian designs usually followed the classical architectural order, using decorative vocabulary from ancient Rome and ancient Greece. The most commonly used building materials are brick and stone, usually red, tan and white, but modern Georgian houses have been painted in a variety of colors.

In the American colonial period, the neo-palladio style was related to the Georgian colonial style, and the neoclassical style was related to most federal architectural styles.

Unlike earlier styles, where architecture was spread among craftsmen through a network of apprenticeships and direct experience, Georgian architecture was spread among builders through the inexpensive new medium of engraving kits. From the mid-18th century, the Georgian style evolved into a vernacular of local architecture that became an important part of the learning of every wood and clay craftsman from Edinburgh to Maryland.

After about 1840, as a large number of classical revivalist styles, including the gothic revivalist style, occupied more areas, the Georgian customs were slowly abandoned. In the United States, this style declined after the revolution due to its association with the colonial regime, and later the colonial revival style returned to this design style. For much of the first half of the 19th century, the Georgian style dominated the country.

American Georgian houses were built of brick or wood, generally following the European Renaissance form, with symmetrical planes and richly decorated details, including gables, pilasters, and often palatial Windows. In a typical plan, one enters the central hall from the front door and passes through the hall to the back door. In the lobby, a beautiful staircase leads to the corresponding second floor lobby. In foyer both sides, decorate one or two rooms to serve as sitting room, dining-room, upstairs is a bedroom. Fireplaces and chimneys are placed at the ends of the walls, and four slopes are more common than two. The kitchen and servants' quarters are arranged on the wings, especially in the south, as attachments to the regular plane. The interior of the Georgian house is becoming more formal, with stucco walls or wood veneer, wooden skirting, linings, classical details around the fireplace frame, Windows and cornice sashes, all in a sumptuous style.

The George period is one of the most praised designs in the history of British and American design because of its orderly and logical details, elegant and rigorous and consistent.

British villa emphasizes the adornment sex of porch, compare "exquisite appearance". The Georgian style has been popular in the British colonial countries for a whole century. It is derived from the Italian Renaissance style introduced to Britain and adheres to the principles of classicism, symmetry and harmony. It is the most influential style in America.

In art far-reaching, specific to interior design, its color is flowery, bold with color, colour contrast is intense. Black, white, gray and other neutral colors with brown and gold combination highlights the luxury and atmosphere. This style is often employed in star hotels and luxury residences. Its modelling is exquisite, the space breaks up choiceness, administrative levels is rich, adornment beauty and natural beauty perfect union. Victoria is the true embodiment of aestheticism, a large number of detail modeling elements for the industry classic. This style of design and construction technology become the pursuit of luxury and the choice of different region amorous feelings, the Victoria style refers to between 1837 and 1901, during the reign of queen Victoria's dress style, women's clothing is characterized by The Times, a lot of use of lace, yarn, falbala, ribbons, bows, multi-level cake cutting, creasing, smoke plait, such as elements, as well as the collar, tall waist, princess sleeve, the sheep leg sleeve of palace style. As the vogue of agitation restoring ancient ways, this luxuriant and implicative gentle beauty style, bringing us find everything new and fresh feeling.

In architecture, the most direct manifestation of this is the historical revival of various architectural styles which became a fashion throughout the George period. The George style was highly respected in Britain at first. The emerging rich merchant and bourgeoisie were eager to have the same life as the aristocracy. They were not interested in the accuracy of the style, so they often used several elements of the style randomly: Renaissance style, Roman style, Tudor style, Elizabethan style or Italian style. However, in many cases, the re-interpretation of these styles is not just a simple copy, but the addition of more modern elements, the use of new building materials, the improvement of the original construction method, in a sense, the original style has been improved, is the integration of a variety of styles. Undoubtedly, with the status and influence of Britain in the world at that time, the United States and the British colonies of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and other places also began to be popular Victorian style. Instead, they used locally available materials and craftsmanship, and adapted the house to the local climate. At least in the United States, for example, this period to form the eight different styles, such as start gothic revival and Italian style, the paste type style, the queen Anne style in the late 19th century, Richardson Romanesque, roof and colonial revival style, etc., at the same time, Egypt and Oriental characteristics also blended in among them, these style overlapping in time, no special clear start and end, most of the houses are mixed style, personalized deduce is very rich.

American George type design pays attention to style and do not pay attention to costly certainly, there is not too much adornment line in general hall room, and the place that has adornment is accomplished contracted, delicate. Most of the decoration is a step in place, such as closets, fireplaces, kitchen cabinets and household appliances, sanitary ware, floor, lamps and lanterns. And adornment part is particular stay to give owner freedom to develop, wait like curtain, mural, mobile furniture, handicraft. Has had a profound impact on modern architecture and interior design.



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