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英国paper代写-Fan economy

2018-09-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Fan economy,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了粉丝经济。粉丝经济,指的是粉丝通过一系列消费活动或者其他方式来支持喜欢事物的行为。随着社会化网络的升级与市场经济的发展,粉丝经济逐渐在市场上大行其道,并形成了不同的受众群体和经济模式。粉丝经济概念的产生为音乐、影视等娱乐行业指明了客户所在,区分客户和用户,并差异化地对这两个群体服务正在被业内人士普遍关注,行业期待粉丝经济的提出可以改变近年来收入低迷、新人和新作品匮乏的现实。

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What is fan economy? Generally speaking, fans support their idol's behavior through a series of consumption activities or other ways. Most people's understanding of fan economy is probably still at the stage of "starstruck". However, with the upgrading of consumption and the change of social concepts, the fan economy now has a broader connotation and a richer form of expression. The emergence of the concept of fan economy indicates the location of customers for entertainment industries such as music and movies, differentiates customers and users, and differentiates services to these two groups. The industry expects that the introduction of fan economy can change the reality of low income, lack of new people and new works in recent years. Among them, the behavior of fans' financial support for idols not only takes place in the entertainment field, but also extends to games, technology and culture.

The rise of social media is bringing profound changes to the way people communicate. In the new online context, the number of fans means not only influence but also economic value. How valuable is a fan? In a recent report, Syncapse, a market research firm, said that the value of Facebook fans of brands has risen 30 percent since 2010, to an average of $174. Yao Chen, known as the "queen of micro blogs", has been valued at 320 million yuan by a valuation website. In the new online context, the number of fans means not only influence but also economic value. The growing fan base has gradually formed a pyramid structure, with the top layer holding a large amount of information and member information, and the bottom layer is countless small fans. Fans are special users, whose "attention" means interest and potential purchase behavior. As long as the operation and management are in place, the fan effect will gradually expand. A fan group even has more publicity power for the brand than a professional planning team, implying huge energy to promote the industry.

First take under the apple products: from the original iPod, in science and technology is not developed, smart phones are not popular era, mp3 become an essential tool for people listening to music, iPod is very popular at the time, until the advent of the era of intelligence, the emergence of the iPhone is a wave, the iPhone 4-4 s to the present iPhonex, the improving of the technology, the function of diversification, the screen continuously. This makes apple fans constantly want to update their products. Users always want to get the idea of the most complete function and the best product, making the technology constantly improve. Similarly, the price will become more and more expensive. By constantly upgrading, it will attract consumers' attention, increase users' consumption and drive economic growth. Long term products can make consumers lose interest and lose fans. So apple has developed the iPad, tablet, desktop computer and the new iatch, which moves the speech and voice functions to the watch, which is more convenient than the phone. Most users who own the iPhone will feel frustrated. Like a card collection, they want to collect all apple products. Based on this idea, consumers will be greatly encouraged to buy other products again. Of course, fans will also keep an eye on apple's new products, new features, and whether there is a feature that will suit users' preferences, which will boost consumption. According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 6s sold an astonishing 7 million units in just one month, taking 19% of the market. Before met a holding the iPhone on the way consumers can feel he is very rich, very much, but now, the iPhone is almost an arcade, everybody has that same device into electronic products essential to everyone, it's very convenient for users to poor eyesight, compared to the slap large screen mobile phone, the screen is more comfortable, for students, it is very convenient to learn the PPT, sit where I can see, not to mention the brush series, playing a game with enjoyment. For the middle-aged, looking up information to see the news to see the stock, Ipad is really quite convenient. Recently, apple has developed itv, I believe it will be a wave again. The news of selling kidneys for iphones was shocking. You can see the love of apple products among users. This is called apple fans.

In fact, apple inc. is doing the related fan marketing. It is impossible for a large company to maintain its earnings and position in the market without relying on a fixed audience group and customers. These people are the "fan base" of the research. By grasping consumers' purchasing psychology and preference for things, apple has designed an iPhone that most people admire. Apple has a subtle influence on its fans. It always attaches great importance to customer retention and establishment of customer loyalty. For example, their products are compatible with each other and the information exchange is very smooth, but it is relatively difficult to exchange information with other brands of products. This kind of exclusivity formed an invisible circle of fans, a full range of electronic products attract loyal users convert into the apple. Their trade-in mechanism is also a great way to retain customers, and at the end of their useful lives, customers will be notified to update their next generation products, making them more willing to stay in apple's "fan circle". In addition, apple has a separate activity gathering and association for technology developers. Apple's usual "loquacious" marketing methods have attracted huge amounts of free coverage each time. Such a kind of "fan marketing" of apple is actually a comprehensive process of brand building, a process of making consumers fall in love with their products and brands.

Fan economy is not only reflected in product life, but also in culture. Now that students are studying abroad, it is common for consumers to go out and play during holidays. As a fan of the university, I will buy some commemorative products such as t-shirts, postcards and stationery at the end of the exchange. Preserving different cultures in different forms will also boost economic growth to different degrees. Spread the culture of China to foreign countries, attract the attention of foreign tourists, form a fan group and drive economic growth. Just like opening a hotpot restaurant and Chinese restaurant in the United States, the native Americans who are accustomed to hamburger and steak and pizza will want to change their tastes from time to time. Due to cultural differences, local characteristics make Americans become fans of Chinese restaurants. Spread through small groups, improve the popularity of Chinese culture and drive economic growth. Chinese consumers will travel to different ethnic cultures during the holidays. Besides, there are a lot of reality TV shows featuring stars now, such as dad, where are we going, flowers and teenagers, etc., maybe because of the regional features, maybe because of the star effect, all of which will prompt consumers to travel. Experience where the stars have been and buy souvenirs from different cultures. At present, many amusement programs will be built in tourist areas to attract consumers. Increase fan consumption and boost economic growth in various ways.

Moreover, in the age of TV advertising, Internet advertising and social media, it is actually a more and more simplified process to find media, communicate with media and release specific information. Especially since the media, its quantity is measured in hundreds of thousands of, a huge celebrity resources for weibo laid the full use of the basis of the marketing and promotion of fans, and fans of individual attributes, and word of mouth of a herd mentality, to spread extremely fast, fast, truly, truly, emotion and belief is the support of the fans of "consumption", formed the economic and commercial value. While the celebrity "we media" has both huge fan groups and powerful influence. A simple copy or picture will form a considerable fan economy when the mouse moves.

"The world we live in has long been in the mode of trend-consumption economy. Whoever can initiate the trend will have the initiative and core competitiveness to guide consumption." So how to change the passive "follow the wind" into the active "pull wind"? Or should we have advantages, characteristics, innovation and create a unique and attitudinal we media!? Why can this seemingly bad pattern be played? Some people say: "the fan payment model of" we media "is so bad that it can be played with just a few empty articles." In fact, the success of each mode must have its own unique advantages. In fact, one of the great advantages of "we media" is to have the personality and attitude to make their own unique points.

Undeniably, behind the fan economy are the "post-90s" and "post-1995" consumer groups, whose purchasing power will be stronger and stronger. If we can closely follow the trend of consumption upgrading, tap the consumption potential of young groups and highlight the characteristics of products and services, the market space of the fan economy in the future will be considerable.

But overall, the fan economy is still in its infancy, and the business transformation of fans is still in trial and error and exploration. As a fan economy, one should not only focus on economic benefits, but also pay attention to social benefits. Some "web celebrity" use swear words to amplify negative emotions and "attract the eyes". Such value orientation is very unhealthy.

We hope that the fan economy can become a "positive energy economy" and play a positive role in promoting the society.




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