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英国paper代写-Design and culture

2018-09-13 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Design and culture,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了设计与文化。设计行为作为文化的一种表现形式,在这个时代表现出一味的求新和求奇的追求取向。设计与文化是源与流的关系,设计是文化的表现形式,离开了内在的文化表达,设计便成了无源之水。设计一旦与文化结合,便有了超乎设计作品之上的张力。设计作品借文化的深沉魅力,才会有更长久的生命力。

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Modern technology has created our living environment today. Our life, especially the urbanized life, can hardly be separated from "design". Design activities have become inseparable from us in the era known as consumption. In this era of universal design, a large number of fast food designs and works have made the general public have no choice but to accept the materialized products because of these designs. From article is rooted in the nature of people's inner demand for the origin of the thought as the core of design and technique, and from the Angle of the native culture two participation by oneself complete design case, trying to tease out a part is different from the current designers are used to design idea and technique, to think and correct for the colleague.

The convenience of information sharing in the Internet era enables us to quickly feel the rapid changes of international fashion trends, which are as brilliant as a kaleidoscope: on the one hand, it greatly expands our vision; on the other hand, it makes us at a loss when we are faced with too many choices. The clarion call of globalization makes us feel the call of the world in a trance. What does globalization bring us? As we enjoy the convenience and material satisfaction brought by modern science and technology, do our hearts feel more happy than before? As we revel in the joy of stepping into the ranks of the world's economic powers as a result of rapid economic growth, we are surprised to see that our memories of survival, the national traditions that make up our blood, are fast disappearing. The convergence of culture in the Internet era gradually disintegrates our cultural confidence and sense of belonging, and the construction boom accompanying with it makes our urban environment more diversified. The tide of urbanization has turned our picturesque countryside into a scene of reinforced concrete jungle. The artificial environment and the damaged natural environment have made the "integration of nature and human" advocated by our ancestors difficult to be rebuilt. Human's natural breathing and pulse beating life rhythm are destroyed in the fast changing rhythm of mechanical and electronic. Personality dissimilation, spiritual division and spiritual variation are the physical and mental diseases brought to people in the process of modernization. With the loss of personality and the melting of regional culture, people in modern society are separated physically and mentally. Anxiety and depression have become the normal facial expressions of our urbanites.

As a form of expression of culture, design behavior shows the pursuit of novelty, novelty and particularity in this era. Too much change too quickly leads to a chaotic environment. When the change becomes the normal state, it will dissolve the change and become numb. Too many changes and disposable material values make people lose their patience. People lose their values and lose themselves in the constant changes in the pursuit of external sensory stimulation.

How can we make the right decisions and choices and find the real needs of our lives when information is abundant. To create a bright and lively, has a unique flavor of life, full of spiritual design, is people have a passion for design hard search for something, and how to get rid of blindly rely on access to external information easily, refused to repeat and copying, adhere to the original, let the designers and the viewer to experience the works contained in the real life impulse, let the information design work is no longer a simple puzzle and the disorder of multifarious materials piled up, are no longer pale in comparison to the impetuous mood of anger, which is dedicated to exploring the source of life, make design to precipitate the values of life. The man-made creations that allow us to materialize due to these designs, with their enduring charm and sustainable care for our lives, are the foundation of modern design.

The Chinese civilization of thousands of years is an inexhaustible and precious treasure. For various reasons, we once almost cut off our inheritance. With the opening of the reform and opening up, the gap generated by the fault of culture was filled rapidly under the impact of foreign culture. Because we are no longer proud of our once proud traditions, it leads to the negation of our national culture, which in turn leads to the negation of our self-worth. In the confusion, our vision has been deflected, viewing traditional culture as decadent and declining things. The denial of tradition inevitably brings spiritual trauma and lack of self-confidence to our nation. Design is the tangible carrier of intangible culture. If the designer cannot identify his own cultural tradition, he cannot find the root of himself. The design works produced in the state of breaking the root and leaving the soil can only be mediocre and shallow. Inheriting our local civilization, uncovering the fine traditions of our nation, and restoring our lost cultural confidence are the historical missions that our contemporary designers should undertake, and will be the best way for us to seek breakthroughs in design. Design and culture are the relationship between source and flow, and design is the manifestation of culture. Apart from the inner cultural table, design becomes a water without source.

Our ancestors once lived intelligently on our land, leaving countless tangible and intangible cultural heritage. How to continue this precious tradition, so that the requirements of modern life aesthetic interest to rebuild our excellent civilization.

How to implant ancient civilization into the soil of modern life and freely apply ancient elements in the construction of modern environmental space is a solid lesson for designers who love traditional culture.

Once the design is integrated with culture, it has a tension beyond the design work. Design works by the cultural charm of the deep, will have a longer life. Only by not relying on external factors to eradicate the disadvantages of mutual plagiarism, can we design the corresponding environment that is in line with the inner needs, so that people can find their confidence that has been lost for a long time. This is the consulting developed today, a universal design era, a design decision of our living environment in the society of the designer should be clear responsibility.




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