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英国paper代写-Differentiated competition

2018-10-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Differentiated competition,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了差异化竞争。差异化竞争作为竞争战略模型的一种,它是指将组织提供的产品或服务标新立异,形成一些在全行业范围内与众不同的特征。它的方式、方法有很多,可以是体现于产品或服务自身的,也可以是实体以外延伸形态所体现出的独到之处。这些竞争者无法比拟的特征,能使组织以较高的定价来获取更高的单位利润。

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Differentiation competitive strategy was first put forward by the famous scientist Michael potter strategic management. As one of the competitive strategy models, it refers to the innovation of the products or services provided by the organization to form some distinctive features across the industry. There are many ways and methods of it, which can be reflected in the product or service itself, or the unique features embodied in the extension form beyond the entity: special functions, superb quality, excellent service, unique brand, etc. These competitors have incomparable characteristics that enable organizations to charge higher prices for higher unit profits. Differentiation competitive strategy makes use of customers' loyalty to the brand and the resulting reduction in price sensitivity, so that the organization can avoid competition as much as possible, and at the same time enable the organization to pursue high profits without pursuing low costs.

Yunnan baiyao toothpaste, China's first truly local high-grade toothpaste. It was successfully developed by yunnan baiyao group in late 2003. Since its launch in 2004, yunnan baiyao toothpaste has been unique in the Chinese toothpaste market with its differentiated strategic positioning, and gradually established a natural and healthy brand image, becoming an exotic work of local high-end brands. The success of yunnan baiyao toothpaste has set up a glorious flag for many daily chemical enterprises in China.

American marketing master Philip kotler points out: "in the face of fierce competition in the market, must try to find a company can make its product differentiation of a particular method, in order to win competitive advantage". Yunnan baiyao toothpaste knows this all too well. In the survival competition brought by the influx of foreign investment, yunnan baiyao toothpaste aims to break through the dilemma and reverse flow, and its core strategy is finally determined to follow the road of differentiated brand and make non-traditional toothpaste.

A few years ago, as a result of Chinese toothpaste industry earlier into the market, so domestic brands on the overall market share and insolently do brand, especially the Chinese toothpaste and has been the reputation of "the four" cold acid spirit ", "two needle", "peers", "panax notoginseng", has long been dominant in Chinese toothpaste market. However, with the influx of foreign brands, most of the market was carved up, especially the medium and high-end market of toothpaste, which was occupied by foreign brands led by Colgate, crest and black people. With the brand and capital, they have been flying around the Chinese market, building up the barriers of competition and enjoying the abundant profits. However, the situation of domestic medium and high-end brands is not optimistic. Chinese toothpaste has been bought by unilever, and the "four king kong" and other brands have retired to become second-tier brands, taking a place with the original brand advantages. Other small and medium-sized brands are struggling, and some are struggling. In the face of the Chinese toothpaste industry surrounded by strong enemies, yunnan baiyao toothpaste not only jumped out of the melee to fight for itself, making the market lively and colorful, but also achieved a certain degree of toothpaste, namely a new category - non-traditional toothpaste. This concept has effectively separated yunnan baiyao toothpaste from other toothpaste brands. The so-called non-traditional toothpaste is a kind of perceptual positioning proposed by yunnan baiyao group to express the difference between yunnan baiyao toothpaste and traditional toothpaste in terms of its medical background, technological content and significant effect, thus defining other toothpaste as outdated and old-fashioned "traditional toothpaste". With Colgate "prevent tooth decay," black "tone pure and fresh, bright white, cold acid" spiritual "allergy", and other functions, it is according to our country residents periodontal disease incidence is high, and the market reality, lack of effective prevention and treatment of periodontal disease products development with toothpaste as a carrier, it contains special active ingredient, yunnan baiyao to prevent bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis, gingival recession and the professionalism of the oral cavity ulcer, oral care, health care products. Its coming out, the yunnan baiyao boasted of the significance of "revolutionizing the new era of oral care and health care in China, and providing new guarantee for the dental health of Chinese people". In particular, it takes effective "prevention and treatment of gingiva bleeding" as the main appeal point, and finally achieves the commanding height and the right to speak of the functional toothpaste market. According to the data of AC Nielsen in 2007, the sales volume of yunnan baiyao toothpaste in modern channels has been listed as the first national brand, becoming the first brand of functional toothpaste.

Leading products are derived from core competencies. The "myth" of yunnan baiyao toothpaste's later arrival and the sales of Chinese herbal toothpaste are closely related to its top-secret high quality.

Common toothpastes are made up of powdery abrasives, wetting agents, surfactants, adhesives, spices, sweeteners and other special ingredients. In addition, there are some herbal toothpastes of Chinese and foreign brands on the market, but there are only basic health benefits. While yunnan baiyao toothpaste is featured with Chinese herbal medicine, it is a carrier of yunnan baiyao, a legendary Chinese herbal medicine. And bai yao has the status of "three top secret formulations of Chinese patent medicine in China", and it is even more beyond the number of toothpaste enterprises.

As is known to all, yunnan baiyao is a century-old name, which is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine spread among the people of yunnan from the Ming and qing dynasties. After years of research and practice, a holy medicine of traumatology was created in 1902, named "qu huanzhang baibao Dan", commonly known as "yunnan baiyao". It is made of rare medicinal materials, and has the effect of stopping blood and removing blood stasis, activating blood and relieving pain, detoxifying swelling. Since its appearance, it has been honored as "Chinese treasures, the holy medicine of wound medicine" for its unique and magical effects, and has become famous in the world and internationally. Putting white drugs into toothpaste is a huge innovation. The patent takes more than a year from conception to finalization. In the past, yunnan baiyao has developed the yunnan baiyao for gingival bleeding, which is easy to stick, but the patients are not very convenient to use, so the researchers thought of using toothpaste as the carrier, using the patients twice a day to brush teeth for oral health care. Hence the birth of yunnan baiyao toothpaste. And the efficacy of yunnan baiyao toothpaste has been achieved. Aimed at the gum bleeding problem, generally three or four days can be good, and the mouth ulcer, each time gargle with toothpaste for two or three minutes, a few days can also be effective. In addition to white pills, toothpaste USES the best abrasives and wetting agents in the country, which can effectively reduce tooth wear, and the water it USES meets the national pharmaceutical standard, with up to 109 quality tests. Finally, yunnan baiyao toothpaste has won the trust and dependence of consumers with its excellent quality.

As soon as yunnan baiyao toothpaste was born, the price of a toothpaste led to the foreign giants such as crest and Colgate to break through. The average market price of a toothpaste was more than 20 yuan, almost the price of the "hegemon" in the market. According to the general statement of the industry, a toothpaste with a weight of 120 grams and a price of more than 6 yuan is high-grade toothpaste, such as Colgate, black, crest, etc. The price of 2 ~ 6 yuan is medium grade toothpaste, less than 2 yuan is low grade. At present, the price of yunnan baiyao toothpaste ranges from 22 to 24 yuan per tube, depending on the region. It is one of the few toothpaste brands priced around 20 yuan in the market with over 40 brands and over 300 varieties.

The positioning of yunnan baiyao toothpaste to local high-end brands shows the foresight and good intentions of yunnan baiyao group. On the one hand, high prices further confirm its scarce high quality. Few things are dear. As baiyao is a national treasure, the cost of extraction is already high, and the current capacity is seriously inadequate; In addition to white medicine, all toothpaste is the best abrasives and wetting agent. Lower grade toothpastes typically use calcium carbonate, while white toothpaste USES calcium phosphate to reduce tooth wear and costs more than 10 times more. As a director of the baiyao group said, "the cost of the toothpaste is so high that even the cost price is several times higher than that of the regular toothpaste on the market." High quality and high price bring out the best in each other. On the other hand, the high price strategy of yunnan baiyao toothpaste is conducive to its benign development and a sustainable profit path, which is conducive to its jumping out of the red sea competition to the blue sea. But the fact also proved its strategy is correct: listed in 2004, that year realized the profit; In 2005, the market sales reached 80 million yuan. With sales of more than 500 million yuan in 2008, it became the top seller of seven products of yunnan baiyao, and ranked fifth among toothpaste brands. Yunnan baiyao toothpaste has become a successful model of pharmaceutical products entering the daily chemical industry.

Advertising has always been an effective measure to build a brand. For the daily chemical industry with high consumption frequency and great influence on consumers, the intensity of advertising directly determines the market competitiveness of product brands. On the choice of mass media, on the one hand, bai yao people directly choose the advertisement of yunnan baiyao toothpaste on CCTV at a high starting point. As is known to all, the coverage and attraction of CCTV are beyond the reach of other media for publicizing enterprise products and promoting its brand awareness, which also shows the courage and determination of baiyao people to make and strengthen baiyao toothpaste. And the propaganda content of yunnan baiyao toothpaste in CCTV basically keeps up with The Times. From the initial terrorist "bleeding" to the wisdom of "solitaire", from the warmth of "gift" to the clever "remind", especially the pu cunxin deductive "remind", as the success of the popular actor pu cunxin sentence "middle-aged, fame and fortune to look at the light, health value, choose a good toothpaste, give oneself add a health care... "It speaks to the hearts of countless people and attracts their attention to oral health, which in turn leads to their trust and favorable impression of yunnan baiyao toothpaste.

On the other hand, the print advertisements of yunnan baiyao toothpaste complemented by CCTV are also in full swing. Compared with TV advertisements, print advertisements have greater information transmission, stronger pertinence, better persuasion, higher efficiency and lower cost. Since 2005, yunnan baiyao toothpaste has been continuously selected mainstream newspapers and magazines in key domestic market areas. By using a large number of "soft text tactics", the characteristics, efficacy and users of yunnan baiyao toothpaste have been embodied and visualized. Launched in 2006, for example, "don't kiss with nine people - unless he use yunnan baiyao toothpaste," these are difficult to close - unless he switched to yunnan baiyao toothpaste, two advertising, from manufacturing consumer psychological barriers, with cartoon describes, zhu de2 yong, type because of the embarrassment to oral health problems in life, and this kind of embarrassment amplification, causing people's psychological obstacles. The two ads caused an immediate sensation. Even some young consumers are attracted to yunnan baiyao toothpaste. At the same time, many articles have been published in the professional journal family doctor to raise people's attention to oral health.

Meanwhile, on the promotion of terminal, the white drug toothpaste generally does not take the simple gift promotion or the disguised reduction behavior, but takes the promotion activity as a communication activity, with the terminal activity which is full of innovation and impact, carries on the interactive marketing with the consumer. In the interactive process, the introduction of gift promotion, thereby enhancing the terminal purchasing power. In addition, when the toothpaste diethylene glycol crisis broke out, yunnan baiyao toothpaste specially announced: yunnan baiyao toothpaste does not contain diethylene glycol, consumers can be completely trust to use. Therefore, it has improved the safety and reputation of yunnan baiyao toothpaste brand.

In addition, yunnan baiyao toothpaste in the channel construction, is also unique, unique. In the early stage of the operation of yunnan baiyao toothpaste, baiyao people chose the channel mode of "drugstore + shangchao", which on the one hand can effectively avoid or reduce the high cost of shangchao channel, and on the other hand can delay the confrontation with the toothpaste giants. For the first time, the baiyao people made use of the good medical treatment channels of the enterprise group to make toothpaste enter the pharmacy for the first time. Of course, going to the pharmacy further proves the efficacy of the product and sets up its high-quality image. As a communication stronghold in its early stage, drugstores have advantages, which is difficult for other toothpaste brands to follow. When drugstore sales growth gradually slowed down, shangchao channel naturally became the main force, and finally successfully achieved market expansion.




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